Valentine's day in Italy 2022

Valentine’s Day in Italy 2022 – The Definitive Guide for Couples

Italy is a world-renowned tourist attraction that is popularly known for its romantic and picturesque towns, beautiful architectural marvels and rich heritage. That is why you should celebrate Valentine’s Day in Italy 2022!

Before you call up a consultancy to start booking your Italy Visa, read our detailed guide that might just help you to make your Valentine’s Day Celebrations even more romantic!

3 Places to Celebrate A Romantic Valentine’s Day in Italy

Venice – A Beautiful City to Explore

One of the best things to do in Italy on Valentine’s Day is to visit Venice and explore its many popular attractions like:

  • The Gondola Ride
  • Lunch or Dinner in a popular restaurant
  • Clicking pictures with famous buildings as the backdrop
  • Staying in a beautiful canal-side hotel or resort

Florence – Enjoy a Host of Romantic Things

Florence is another beautiful place that happens to attract a lot of couples and holidaymakers.

Some interesting things that you can do to make your Italian vacation more romantic during Valentine’s Day are:

    • Candlelit dinner in a well-known restaurant
    • Stopover at the Piazzale Michelangelo – Enjoy amazing views
    • Go shopping if that is something you fancy

Rome – The Best Place for celebrating Valentine’s Day in Italy

Rome boasts of an array of romantic places for couples. Did you know that Rome has always been regarded as a source of inspiration for love?

Valentine's day in Italy 2022

So, why not head to this charming city for a romantic Valentine’s Day in Italy. Treat your better half to a music dinner in a local restaurant, a beautiful boat ride over the river Tevere or other cosy experiences for the perfect Valentine’s gift.

Interesting activities to do in Italy this Valentine’s Day

Don’t Miss the Evening Gondola Ride in Venice

One of the best things to do while you go on a holiday in Italy is to enjoy an evening Gondola ride with your spouse. The evening ambience coupled with the romantic boat ride will help you enjoy one of the best Valentine’s Day in Italy 2022.

The reason why evening is the time to enjoy this boat ride is because the sun goes down which means the climate gets cool and mellow so that you can cosy up with your better half.

Visit Milan for a Beautiful Hot Air Balloon Flight

Located 35km away from the city, this amazing experience will get your better half star struck. Try going for a private hot air balloon flight instead of the common experiences as that will make your Italy vacation even more romantic.

Valentine's day in Italy 2022

The best part about this experience is that you can savour some amazing salami, lip-smacking wines and cheese in the sky!

Experience Heliskiing

Planning to go on an adventure in Italy? Then you should definitely try Heliskiing. Head over to the Aosta Valley’s Courmayeur which happens to be one of the best spots for skiing and mountaineering in the Alps region.

Once you reach the place you can either start skiing on the amazing slopes of Vallee Blanche or chill in the Chamonix resort with your better half.

Got all the information you need to celebrate one of the best Valentine’s Day in Italy 2022? Now, all you need is an Italy Visa UK so that you can travel to Italy in a hassle-free manner and surprise your better half with a romantic vacation.

Apply for Italy Visa Christmas in Italy

How to Celebrate Christmas in Italy with your Loved Ones?

The festive season is in full swing and one of the biggest festivals of the year, Christmas is just around the corner. So, why not celebrate Christmas in Italy with your friends or family?

Italy boasts of a plethora of traditions, festivities, special markets and much more for locals and tourists. Here is a brief and insightful guide that will help you to Celebrate Christmas in Italy 2021 with your loved ones.

What to do during Christmas Eve?

Christmas Eve i.e., 24th of December is a national holiday in Italy. The public transport is almost non-existent and all the shops are closed for business. Families in Italy take this time to gather together for a special dinner before heading over to midnight mass.

In these dinners, you will find authentic Italian fish-based dishes and a special dessert that goes by the name “Panettone”. If you are staying in Rom then you should head over to the Vatican’s St. Peter’s Square to take part in the Pope’s Christmas mass.

Places to Visit during Christmas time in Italy

Christmas is celebrated with pomp and flair in Italy. So, whichever city you visit, you will witness beautiful decorations, mouth-watering foods, wonderful traditions and spell-binding midnight masses.


The alluring city of Naples turns into a Christmas festivity hotspot with the Nativity scenes (presepi’s) dominating most of the streets or churches. Additionally, you can opt for a Naples traditions tour to explore the best of Naples with your loved ones.


The customary fog during the winters makes Christmas in Venice a must-have experience. You can also explore a myriad of Christmas markets like Laguna and Natale.

Christmas in Italy


The Christmas season in Florence is something that you should experience simply because it is packed with many festivities. Witness the Christmas choir in action or head over to the German Christmas Market to buy yourself some souvenirs.

Popular Christmas markets of Italy

The Cagliari Christmas Expo

Head over to Sardinia Island’s capital city to witness a true Christmas expo. Here, you will get to witness a variety of local products and world-famous gastronomical delights.

Explore the Bologna Christmas market

Want to shop your heart out but don’t want too much of a crowd? Then Bologna is the ideal place for you. Head over to the Fiera di Natale or Fiera di Santa Lucia markets to discover some of the best local offerings during Christmas celebrations.

Italian Christmas foods & Traditions You Shouldn’t Miss

Go for any Feast

Italians have a tradition where they purify their bodies by forgoing meat on Christmas Eve (natively called La Vigllla). After Christmas eve is done, Families gather together and host large feasts (or lunches) for a whole day or more. These feasts feature authentic foods such as sweet bread with raisins (panettone) and pasta cooked in stock (pasta in brood). You can also try out traditional Hanukkah foods such as mashed potato pancakes (frittelle di patate), fried sweet dough (frittelle del Chanuka), fried chicken marinated in a variety of spices (Pollo fritto) and many more.

Don’t Miss the Presepe Tradition

The Christmas nativity scene of the Preseppe tradition can be found in most Italian cities. The word literally means crib which was first created in 1223 CE by Saint Francis of Assissi. Italy boasts of almost 100 Presepe exhibitions with more than 200 nativity scenes created by artists from all around Italy.

Christmas in Italy

So, what are you waiting for? Simply grab an Italy Visa and visit in Italy during Christmas to experience true Christmas festivities with your friends or family.

Cinque Terre Travel

Cinque Terre Travel – 5 Wonderful Things to do in Cinque

Fancy coastal sceneries, beautiful villages and charming viewpoints? Well, Cinque Terre offers all of these and more!

Located on the rugged Italian Riviera Coastline, Cinque boasts of 5 exquisite towns that feature colourful houses, steep terraces, mouth-watering gastronomical delights and much more!

Want to travel to Italy to experience this beautiful tourist destination? Then read on to know some of the best things that you can do in Cinque Terre.

5 Stunning Things to do during your Cinque Terre Travel

Explore Cinque by foot or train

When you visit in Cinque Terre you will either have to travel on foot or take a train to visit a nearby town. Since the entire area is hilly you won’t get public transport. However, getting around the Cinque is pretty easy.

Cinque Terre Travel

If you go on foot you will get to experience some of the most enjoyable walks and hikes. Not to mention the wonderful views and places that you couldn’t visit by train. However, if you are on a tight schedule then it is better to take a train. The best part about this is that you can easily visit the next town in a few minutes.

Visit Portovenere

Portovenere is a little off-beat tourist attraction that you shouldn’t miss. Why?

This quaint place was accorded the status of UNESCO World Heritage Protection. Try visiting this stunning place on a Monday if you are a shopaholic.

The best time to visit this beautiful place is during August when the locals celebrate the Madonna Bianca Festival. Witness the entire place getting lit up with Roman torches!

Experience Santuario di Nostra Signora di Montenero

Santuario di Nostra Signora di offers some of the best views of Cinque Terre. Yes, you will need to walk/hike up to the viewpoints. There is a bus service that can drop you off at Telegrafo. From here you need to hike downhill. But, one or the other way, when you reach the viewpoint all your tiredness will vanish when you witness some of the best views of Cinque Terre.

Cinque Terre Travel

Relish delicious food at Nessun Dorma

The Nessun Dorma of Manarola isn’t just a place that offers tasty delights but you can also learn to cook authentic local delights like the Pesto. Now you might think that cooking is boring. But, on the contrary, the chefs at Nessun Dorma make the entire training session a fun experience.

Enjoy sunset at some of the best spots in Cinque Terre

Since Cinque Terre is a hilly terrain, it offers a wide range of viewpoints from where you can enjoy the best views of the sunset. Places like Corniglia, Stella Marina Beach or the trail to the statue of St. Francesco. Sip on your favourite beverage and watch the sunset for a romantic evening with your better half.

Cinque Terre Travel

These are 5 stunning things that you can do when you visit in Cinque Terre. Now, all you need to do is apply for an Italy Visa online and take your family or friends to this beautiful place to make memories for life!

Ypsigrock Festival 2021

Ypsigrock Festival 2021 – Celebrating Indie-Rock Music

Italy is well-known for its contribution to Architecture, Fashion, Art, Opera, Literature, Film, Design & now Music too!

Italy’s Sicily is preparing itself to host one of the first & most exciting post-pandemic festivals called Ypsigrock Festival 2021.

What is this festival all about? What kind of music will be featured in this fest? Read to know all about this exciting music festival!

Origins of Ypsigrock Festival 2021

The Ypsigrock Festival can be traced back to the year 1997. Although the beginnings were humble the festival quickly gained prominence and is now regarded as one of the most suggestive European Boutique festivals.

For addicted indie-rock lovers, the Ypsigrock Festival is heaven. Due to the pandemic, the organizers gave the title Little but Needed to the hugely popular music festival.

This amazing festival hosted some of the world’s best artists such as Daughter, Mogwai, Editors, Savages, Primal Scream & many more.

With a wonderful ambiance, a charming location & crazy music fans, the Ypsigrock Festival 2021 is bound to make you groove!

Ypsigrock Festival 2021

Line Up for Ypsigrock Festival 2021 in Sicily

The 24th edition of this amazing festival will feature some world-renowned artists like:

  • Asgeir – Belongs to Iceland and is a member of the Ásgeir Trausti Band, The Lovely Lion
  • Iosonouncane – Belongs to Italy and was a member of the Adharma

Apart from these, you can also get to enjoy live performances from other amazing artists such as:

  • Dardust
  • Pongo
  • COMA
  • Camilla Sparksss
  • Kristin Sesselja

Venue of the Ypsigrock Festival 2021

This iconic festival will be held in the inner heart of Sicily. You will come across stunning stages nestled all around the spell-binding Sicilian mountain town of Castelbuono.

In addition to that, the main stage will be located inside an enthralling square whereas other performances will be done at the Castle of Castelbuono Amphitheatre & the second stage located at the Piazza San Francesco.

On the other hand, Sicily is a wonderful vacation destination which boasts of amazing views so you won’t enjoy music but nature too!

Ypsigrock Festival 2021

Dates & Tickets for Ypsigrock Music Festival in Sicily

  • Dates

The amazing indie-rock festival will be held from 5th to 8th August 2021.

  • Tickets

In view of the pandemic any tickets purchased last year i.e., 2020 (via Christmas Box, LiveTicket & Dice) remain fully valid.

Due to the pandemic guidelines, one-day tickets are not being sold anymore. However, the 4-day pass memberships are still being offered which are a bang for buck deal.

The ticket price is 89 Euros plus some taxes for adults whereas, for Children aged 6-12, the ticket price is 10 Euros plus taxes.

The ticket offers general access to the festival (for adults & children above 16). For children below 16, there will be some restrictions that you can easily check out on the website.

Accommodations near Ypsigrock Festival 2021 Venue

The camping provisions have been removed for the 24th edition owing to the pandemic.

However, you can easily book some affordable accommodation options such as:

  • Paradiso Delle Madonie – takes 1 minute to reach the venue
  • Ypsilhome – takes 2 minutes to reach the venue
  • Studio via Mustafa – 0.7 km
  • Villa Calagioli – 1 km

Ypsigrock Festival 2021

All these properties offer amazing amenities and beautiful views so when you are planning to book a good hotel, check out these options!

So, what is holding you back? Simply grab your Visa for Italy and head over to Sicily to enjoy music and nature with your loved ones.

Festival dei Due Mondi di Spoleto 2021

Festival dei Due Mondi di Spoleto 2021–A Cultural Extravaganza

The renowned Festival dei Due Mondi di Spoleto 2021 is a cultural extravaganza that draws thousands of tourists & locals every year. This amazing event features a slew of events like Ballets, Opera, Recitals, Plays, Film Festivals, Workshops, Conferences, Special events like Contemporary art, Talks & more.

Want to know all about this exciting festival? Read on to find out!

History of the Festival dei Due Mondi di Spoleto 2021

The Spanish word “Festival dei Due Mondi” literally means Festival of the Two worlds.This spell-binding event was founded by the renowned composer Gian Carlo Menotti in the year 1958.The real intention behind naming this festival was to invite European & American cultures to meet each other & have a gala time.

Line up of Events in Spoleto festival 2021 Italy

The Spoleto Festival dei Mondi 2021 in Italy boasts a wide range of programmes held across various venues. These programmes are categorized as follows:


  • Concerts Budapest Festival Orchestra
  • Budapest Festival Orchestra – Opening concert
  • Concerts Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia


  • Mourad Merzouki Folia
  • Dancing at Dusk
  • Jonas & Lander Coin Operated

Festival dei Due Mondi di Spoleto 2021


  • Leonardo Lidi La signorina Giulia
  • Lucia Calamaro Darwin inconsolabile
  • La Leggendadell’Olandese Volante


  • Romeo Castellucci Jeanne d’Arc au bûcher
  • Lucia Ronchetti Inferno


  • Pina Bausch and her Revolution
  • Frammenti di un percorsoteatrale

Special Projects

  • Accademia Nazionale d’ArteDrammatica Silvio d’Amico
  • Fondazione Carla Fendi Art & Science


  • Talk with Iván Fischer
  • Fondazione Carispo Award
  • García Lorca and Italy


Dates, Venue & Tickets for the Spoleto Festival 2021

The iconic Festival dei Due Mondi di Spoleto 2021 will be held from 25th June to 11th July 2021.

You can avail the tickets online according the events that you wish to attend. There are certain discounts according to age groups and they are as follows:

  • For people under 30 – 50% discount
  • For people over 65 – 20% discount
  • For Residents of Spoleto – 30% discount

The Spoleto Festival 2021 will be held across various venues like Palazzo Mauri, San Simone, Palazzo Collicola, Spoleto e dintorni and many other iconic venues. You can the find the complete list of venues on the official website of the festival.

How to Reach the Spoleto festival 2021 Italy?

By Train

You can easily reach Spoleto from Roma (3.30 hrs), Milan (6-7 hrs), Firenze (3.30 hrs), Napoli (3 hrs), Venezia (7 hrs), Torino (9 hrs)& other popular tourist destination of Italy.

By Plane

Reach the International Airport Umbria-Perugia “San Francesco d’Assisi” or the International Airport Roma- Fiumicino “Leonardo da Vinci” and take a car, train or taxi to reach Spoleto.

By Car

  • From South –If you are travelling from Rome then the distance is approximately is 150 km.
  • From North –If you are planning to visit Spoleto from Milan then the distance is about 510 km.

Festival dei Due Mondi di Spoleto 2021

Now, all you need to do is Italy Visa & embark on a memorable journey to Italy with your friends of family members to experience different cultures in all their glory!

Apply for Italy Visa Best University in Italy

The perfect guide for best universities in Italy

Besides, awesome food, awesome landscapes, awesome attractions and awesome architecture – Italy is also awesome for its best universities. Aside from the monumental legacy of the Roman civilization, Italy has a long history of leadership and innovation. Notable Italians include explores Christopher Columbus and Marco Polo; Enrico Fermi (physicist who created the world’s first nuclear reactor); Leonardo Vinci, who proved the world is not flat; Alessandro Volta, who studied electricity (recognize the term “Volt”). Therefore you can easily find the list of best universities in Italy.

Home to the oldest university in Europe, Italy has several top-ranked universities, according to the Academic Ranking of World universities and times higher education World University Rankings. Almost all the universities in Italy are among the most attractive and accessible for those who want to study design, architecture and art in Europe. It is not possible to checkout all of them, therefore we have shared the details of top 5 best universities in Italy below:

Best Universities in Italy

Politecnico di Milano

The highest-ranked Italian university at 149th in the world, it ranks particularly well for its art and engineering courses, with places in the top 20 of the QS world University Rankings by Subject 2020 for art and also design, civil and structural engineering, architecture, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. Notable alumni of Politecnico di Milano include celebrated Italian chemist Giulio Natta, who was awarded by the Nobel prize in Chemistry in 1963 for his work in high polymers.

Best Universities in Italy

Universita di Bologna

It is ranked joint 180th in the world in the year 2019, Universita di Bologna (UNIBO) also claims to be one of the very first universities established, although the actual dates of its founding are still uncertain. If the name of this university sounds similar, that may be because of Italy’s continued leadership in higher education. The University of Bologna gives its name to the Bologna Process, the ongoing project to make academic systems and qualifications more compatible across Europe.

Best Universities in Italy

Sapienza – Universita di Roma

It is ranked 217th in the world, and is also another of world’s oldest universities, founded in 1303. Sapienza is one of the largest European universities, with a large student population (approx 112,500) of which around 8300 are out of Italy. Other than this it counts seven Nobel laureates among its alumni and faculty members, including particle physicist and inventor Carlo Rubbia.

Best Universities in Italy

Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa

Not far behind the others, Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa is at 167th which was established in 1810 by a Napoleonic decree. It’s a small university, with only around 500 students enrolled in it. It ranks within the world’s top 300 universities for agriculture and receives the highest score among all Italian universities for its research citations per faculty member.

Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa

Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna Pisa

It is also based in Pisa, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna Pisa is ranked 175th in the world this year itself. It was established in 1987 from previously existing institutions; the university mainly operates in the applied sciences and is part of the Pisa University System, alongside Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa and Universita di Pisa.

Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna Pisa

Italy is one of the most attractive schengen regions in terms of studies for some specific fields. If you are planning to study from the best universities in Italy don’t forget to get a student Italy visa for yourself, so that you do not face any problem in the documentation process.

Apply for Italy Visa Italian Cuisines Street Food in Italy

Along with shopping enjoy street food in Italy

If you are traveling to Italy in terms of enjoying the food then one of the best ways to eat in Italy is to visit and shop at a local market. In Italy from South to North and through the whole width of this place, outdoor markets overflow. Taste the real taste of local culture while watching the bustling shoppers banter with bubbling vendors. You should not forget the food! Seasonal fruits and veggies, farm-made cheeses, fresh fish and meats, and local wine called Mamma mia! Street food in Italy is very common as in Italy the best food is found on the streets of markets. Every city in Italy has a special street or food market, we have mentioned them below:

Mercato Albinelli, Modena

Bologna and Modena were enemies in the past and are neighbors with a passion for food today. You can especially buy Balsamic vinegar and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. Chiara and Sara make the best sandwich in Modena at their Bar Schiavoni.

Mercato Sant’Ambrogio, Firenze

It is less famous than its brother San Lorenzo, but for sure more alive. It is an indoor market far from the aprons with Michelangelo’s David. You should not miss buying bistecca (the steak). You can get the best street food Italy of Firenze: Panino at lampredotto in a food truck called Pollini parked just outside the market.

Street Food in Italy

Piazza Campo Del Palio (Asti, Piedmont)

Especially on Wednesday and Saturday morning, you can head to the Campo del Palio in Asti for Piemonte’s largest Street food in Italy. You can find the specialties and seasonal produce of the region in this market. You can even enjoy the bareback Palio Horse race if you come on the third Saturday of September.

Antique Market (Arezzo, Tuscany)

After the name, even if you can’t eat the antiques spread through Arezzo’s streets on the first Sunday of every month, a trip to this market can be more than satisfactory for you.

Ballaro Market (Palermo, Sicily)

It is as close to the raucous vibes of an African souq that you can get in Europe, the Ballaro Market could be the quintessential Sicilian experience. Taste the pane e paneled, chickpea dough deep-fried with eggplant, served on bread.

Street Food in Italy

Fish market (Gallipoli, Puglia)

As said while in Rome do as Romans do, just like that when in Puglia do as Puglisi’s do. Gallipoli is a small sun-drench town into the Ionian Sea side of Italy’s heel, it is surrounded by cerulean waters, and it catches some of the best fish in those parts and offers it up every morning near the port.

Plan your travel to Italy with your friends and family to enjoy the street food in Italy once in a lifetime, it will for sure be your best experience. Apply for Italy visa before your travel plan and once you get it make a list of things to do and explore in Italy.

Tourist Attraction in Rome

Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Rome

Rome is a city where hope springs eternal. A city which is proud of its ancient glorious heritage and also a city that once expended its empire throughout Europe, Africa and Asia. It is drenched in history and Christianity. First time visitors may be over-whelmed by all its magnificent features. At last, one can find history and art on almost every corner of this place. There are many tourist attraction in Rome which incline the visitors to this place.

Rome is divided into several districts with its center being the Colosseum district, containing the most ancient attractions like Colosseum, Capitoline Hill and the Roman Forum. If we talk about the outskirts of the center, there is Old Rome, featuring the Pantheon, stunning Cathedrals, plazas and Renaissance architecture. Regrettably, it’s not possible to see all the top tourist attraction in Rome in a few days or even a few months.

In a city so filled with icons of antiquity and Christian faith, it’s hard to know where to go first. Out of the window, your own interests will govern your choices, but still there are certain sites that are almost obligatory landmarks of Italy and of all Europe, for example the Colosseum and the Pantheon.

Rome is very big so even the most devoted sightseer should take some time to kick back and enjoy la dolce vita in a park or sidewalk café. You can still choose the top 5 tourist attractions on the behalf of information provided below:

5 Tourist Attraction in Rome – Must Read

Vatican City

Officially known as the State of the Vatican City which is basically the Vatican happens to be the capital of the Roman Catholic Church. Vatican City is popularly known for its architectural marvels as it is packed with historical and religious buildings.

Vatican City - Tourist Attraction in Rome

Inside the Vatican Palace are the Raphael Rooms; the Borgia Apartments; the Vatican library and number of museums that include the Picture gallery, Museum of Secular art and the Etruscan Museum.

The Colosseum and the Arch of Constantine

As Eiffel tower is to Paris, the Silhouette of the Flavian Amphitheater is to Rome. This is the largest structure left to us by the Roman Antiquity, the Colosseum still provides the model for Sports arenas – present day football stadium design is clearly based on this oval Roman plan as per the ancient times.

Colosseum and the Arch of Constantine

The Pantheon

The best preserved monument of Roman Antiquity – The Pantheon – is remarkably intact from its 2000 years. Huge damages took place in this building. The Pantheon was rebuilt after damage by fire in AD 80, and the resulting brickwork shows the extraordinary high technical mastery of Roman Builders.

The Pantheon - Tourist Attraction in Rome

Therefore the Pantheon is the most iconic landmark of Rome that has become a major crowd puller in recent days.

Roman Forum

Now in the middle of throbbing modern city, if you like to step back to millennia into the heart of ancient Rome, you should walk through the forum. Basically Roman political and religious life was centered here, along with the courts, markets, and meeting places. After the seventh century, the buildings fell into ruin, and churches and fortresses were built amid of these ancient remains.

Roman Forum Tourist Attraction in Rome

If we count of the highlights that a traveler should not miss we will include – The temple of Antoninus Pius, the Temple of Saturn, the Arch of Septimus Severus, the Curia, the Temple of Vesta and the Arch of Titus.

Trevi Fountain

This is one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions, this 17th-century masterpiece has been immortalized in films and until it is almost a required visit. There are many traditions that are followed in Rome and just like that throwing a coin into the Trevi fountain is a tradition that is supposed to assure your return to Rome. Basically it depicts the Sea god Oceanus or Neptune, with horses, Triton and shells. The water over there swirls around the figures and the artificial rocks and collects a large basin which is almost filled with coins that are thrown into it as a tradition.

Trevi Fountain - Tourist Attraction in Rome

Therefore if you have bulk of time to spend in your holiday Rome would be the best choice for you, if you are confused about this then please be aware that the places mentioned above in the blog are just top 5 tourist attractions in Rome, however other than this there are many places you are visit and explore.

If you are preparing to travel to Rome, then get your Italy Visa as soon as possible so that you can easily execute your travel with an ease. Apply for Italy visa online and get your visa with multiple entries so that if you just leave something behind you can again go to Italy and explore it as well.

Italian Cuisines

Apply for Italy Visa to enjoy the best Italian Cuisines

Italy’s top attractions for tourists are not limited to just art and architecture. The Roman country is full of lakes, mountains, gastronomic delights, dramatic coastline, and Yes, GOOD FOOD! The Italian Cuisines are simply great!

Italian Cuisine is too vast! It would be difficult for you to try everything as there are an infinite number of meals to Italian foods try in Italy and your stomach has a finite space. The variety of Italian food is truly vast. In this blog post, we have prepared a little bucket list of Italian dishes that you should definitely try on your trip to Italy. You never know which one becomes your favorite!

 #1: Pizza

One should not miss trying the iconic Italian dish-Pizza during their trip to Italy as the country claims to be the birthplace of modern pizza, If this is your first trip to Italy, you should absolutely try Margherita pizza- a popular food easily found in local pizzeria,  which is a simple but tasty dish. Margherita pizza is usually served with a thin-crust flatbread topped with olive oil, basil, tomatoes, garlic,  Parmesan and mozzarella cheese.


You will find two types of pizza to choose from in Italy- Roman-style pizza, or  Neapolitan-style pizza.  Neapolitan-style pizza has a thick, fluffy crust, a little smaller in diameter with more filling. On the other hand, the roman-style pizza has a paper-thin crust, a little bit crispy, not soggy, larger in diameter but typically lighter. A lot of Pizza places serve a happy medium between the two!

Both the Pizza types are loved by travelers, whichever you favor,just follow the simple r rule; when in Rome, follow Romans, i.e., eat Roman style pizza and when in Nales, naturally, do as the Neapolitans do.

#2. Pasta

You should definitely not miss out feasting on Pasta- the 2nd iconic traditional Italian dish during your trip to Italy. The country offers different types of Pasta depending on where you travel in Italy. We advise you to try the regional specialties of the cities you are travelling to. When travelling to Rome, do not miss to try  pasta alla carbonara, prepared with ingredients such as Pecorino cheese, eggs, guanciale and black pepper. When travelling to The Vatican City, do try Spaghetti alla Carbonara or Spaghetti alla Gricia.


#3. Lasagna

Lasagna is another popular Italian cuisines widely available in every city of the country. It is a wide, flat pasta noodle, baked in layers in the oven. The traditional Lasagna wasn’t made with tomatoes, cheese- mozzarella or Parmigiano Reggiano or a combination of the two were used in Lasagna’s preparations.


Though lasagna is available throughout the country, but you shouldn’t miss trying the hearty dish in Emilia Romagna served  with  fresh ragù, homemade noodles, and a generous dollop of regional pride.

#4.  Bruschetta

This Italian cuisines- Bruschetta has grilled bread topped with  lots of veggies, tomato mix and garlic. This classic Italian starter is a  bread sliced, topped with evergreen tomato-basil  and different toppings and mushroom-garlic.


#5. Risotto

One of the most important ingredients of Italian Cuisines is Rice, often prepared as a creamy luxurious risotto. Though Italian aren’t rice lovers, Italy is the largest rice producer in Europe. The most popular risotto type is the saffron-infused risotto alla milanese. Other classic versions of the dish include risotto al nero di sepia and risi e bisi, both of which hail from Venice.


#6. Focaccia Bread

There are numerous types of bread in Italy. It’s a bit difficult to categorize a specific type of bread as best,  the one baked locally that morning is the best one! The food lovers should try a few of the different types that Italy’s robust baking culture has developed over the years.

The bread in Tuscany has a unique taste, made without salt, you won’t find the taste elsewhere. Tuscan bread is generally eaten with a drizzle of olive oil and salt or herbs.


Liguria- the home of the well-known flat bread, focaccia. The classic focaccia is hyper-salty, sprinkled with olive oil and made into a sandwich. It’s generally served open faced, with popular toppings like zucchini, rosemary, cheese, and olives.

Off the coast of Italy, in Sardinia bread appears like a pita, always toasted after baking giving it a wonderful crunch!

While touring to Italy, keep trying new breads whenever you get the opportunity. Whether you are in the country’s biggest cities or smallest towns, Italian bakeries will not disappoint you .

#7. Gelato

A trip to Italy is incomplete without gelato! When in Italy, it’s totally normal to eat gelato once or twice a day, especially in the summer. Though Gelato is termed as ice cream it’s quite different from a normal ice cream. Gelato has low butterfat content than ice cream; just 4 to 8 percent compared to 14 percent for ice cream in the United States.


Gelato melts in your mouth faster, served a bit warmer, and gives a more velvety texture. Good gelato is not meant for long-term storage.

#8. The Minestrone

There are various versions of this Italian dish but this dish unites the country from the far north to the deepest south. This dish was widely served as the Italian dinner until the seventies. The base of this dish  is a mixture of vegetables and the word “minestrone” came from a great mix of veggie, served with different ingredients in different regions:

  • In Lombardy, you’ll find rice
  • In Veneto, the main ingredient is beans
  • In Rome, you’ll find artichokes
  • In Naples the addition of tomatoes is inevitable;
  • In Liguria, you’ll find beans and green beans, together with basil and often the final touch of pesto;
  • In Puglia turnip greens appear and pecorino is not missing.


#9. Fritto Misto

Over the period of the last 50 years, “Mixed fried seafood” known as Fritto Mistro has become one of the iconic dishes of Italian food.


The variety “mixed fried seafood” depends on what the sea offers: squid, anchovies, small sardines, sole, red mullet, prawns, and more, the right combination can make the delicious appetizing course on the plate.

#10. Saltimbocca

This dish is very popular among locals and travelers, has thin slices of veal, topped with herb leaves and salty prosciutto. These ingredients are joined together with toothpick, sautéed in a pan until the meat is done.  Saltimbocca is prepared using the different varieties of meat, like mutton and chicken which melts away in the mouth.


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Apply for Italy Visa

How to apply for Italy Visa from UK?

How to apply for Italy Visa from UK?

Italy has been one of the most popular travel destinations for avid travelers. There are endless reasons to visit Italy– Culture diversity, beauty, art and architecture, food, country’s history, natural landscapers, and many more.

This blog post includes information about visa application to Italy Visa Requirements, how to apply for Italy Visa, book  Italy Visa Appointment.

Do I need a visa to travel to Italy from the U.K.?

  • UK citizens who hold either a full UK passport or a BOTC, BOC, BPP or BS passport do not need a visa to travel to Italy from the UK. If you plan to stay for less than 90 days, you can travel visa-free as Italy is part of the Schengen Zone.
  • The citizens of a Non-EU country need to apply for Italy Visa from UK.
  • The citizens of a country without a visa-free travel arrangement with the Schengen Zone residing in UK, need to obtain an Italy Visa to travel to Italy from Uk.
  • The major requirement to apply for Italy Visa is that you must have a UK residence permit valid for at least next three more months beyond the date you plan to leave Italy / the Schengen Area.

Where to apply for Italy Visa from UK?

  • The firm VFS Global Italy UK manages visa applications on behalf of Italy in the UK. You can fill the visa application form online available on our site or may fill it on the VFS website.
  • If you fill the visa application form from our site, we will book your Italy Visa Appointment at VFS Italy UK Your Italy Visa Appointment will depend on where you are based.
  • The applicants living in Scotland can book the Italy Visa appointment at the center in Edinburgh.
  • There are two centers that serve England and Wales, applicants residing in London and the south can book Italy Visa appointments in London, and those in the north can book their appointment at VFS’ Manchester
  • You can also apply for Italy visa in the Consulate General Of Italy in Edinburgh.

If You want to get rid of the tedious Visa Application formalities, you may fill the Visa Application form online available on our site, we’ll book an Italy Visa Appointment for you and will simplify the  Italy Visa Application process.


Documents required to Apply for Italy Visa & get Italy Visa Appointment

  1. A Valid Passport
  • Passport issued within the last 10 years
  • Passport has complete two full blank pages- one for the visa stamp and an additional spare page
  • The passport should be valid for at least three (3) months after the date you leave the Schengen zone.
  1. A valid UK Residency Permit

A valid UK residency permit  endorsed in the actual passport or or on a new bio-metric ID card other form of Identity Card.

  1. One application form

Visa Application form filled completely and duly signed by the applicant. You may fill the Italy Visa

  1. One passport format photo

The photograph should have a light background, rightly colored, and clearly displays full facial features. Also, the photograph should be less than three months old and be properly glued to the application form. The stapled photographs on the application form will be rejected.

  1. Travel Medical Insurance

Travel medical insurance of minimum 30,000 € coverage within Italy and the complete Schengen area.

  1. Cover letter

The cover letter should include the complete itinerary and the purpose of your visit to Italy.

  1. Travel arrangements proof
  • Full travel itinerary
  • Travel tickets.
  • If travelling by car:
    • Copy of your driver’s license
    • Car insurance
    • car rental documentation or Car registration
    • Ferry tickets, If applicable.
  1. Proof of civil status

Marriage certificate, children’s birth certificate, death certificate of spouse, ration card if applicable.

Accommodation Proof for your entire stay in Italy:

  • Hotel reservations evidence in Italy or rental agreement consisting of the applicant’s name.
  • Signed invitation letter from your Italian host and a copy of the host’s passport or Identity card , Host’s Residence Permit

Proof of financial subsistence

  • Recent UK bank account for the last three months displaying funds of at least 50.00 £ for each day spent in Italy and/or other Schengen states.
  • Cost of itinerary (tickets and reservations)
  1. Bio-metric Documents
  • From November 20, 2015, applicants applying for a short-term visa to Italy are subject to provide biometric data (fingerprints ) as additional documents.
  • Children younger than 12 years of age are exempted from this procedure.
  • The applicants who are not physically capable of providing fingerprints are exempted from this procedure.

Other Documents-

For UK employees:

  • Contract of employment
  • Latest 6 months bank statement of the current bank account
  • Leave permission letter from the employer
  • Income Tax Return (ITR) form or Certificate of Income Tax deducted at the source of salary

For self-employed

  • Copy of business license
  • Bank statement of the company for the latest 6 months
  • Income Tax Return (ITR)

For foreign students studying in the UK:

  • Enrollment proof at UK education institution,
  • NOC from school or university in the UK

For retirees:

  • Pension statement of the latest 6 months

If applicable:

  • Refusal letters of former Schengen visas, or
  • Cover letter explaining the reasons of refusal

If unemployed and married to an EU/EEA (Europe/ European Economic Area)  citizen:

  • A recent (less than 3 months old) Confirmation of Employment letter from their spouse’s employer stating the starting date and position held within the company,
  • Valid passport of Spouse
  • Marriage certificate translated in English or Italian language along with a true copy by the Embassy of the country where the marriage took place or by the Legalization Bureau of the Foreign Office in UK.

How to apply for Italy Visa from UK?

In order to apply for Italy Visa in UK, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. First, determine which Italian short-stay visa type you require. There are various Italian Schengen visa types depending on your purpose of traveling from the UK to Italy..
  2. Determine where you need to apply for Italy visa in UK.
  3. Decide when to apply for an Italy visa in UK. The earliest time you can fill and submit the Italy visa application in the UK is 3 months before your planned trip date while the latest time is at least 15 working days before you plan to travel from the UK to Italy.
  4. Accumulate the necessary Italy visa documents for UK Residents.
  5. Book an interview at Italian visa application center in UK. You may make an Italy visa appointment online, through phone, or on person.
  6. Attend the interview in person on the day of your Italy Visa appointment The interview is a important part of your visa application.
  7. Pay the Italy visa fee.
  8. Wait for the processing of your Italy visa.

Book Italy visa appointment in UK

To apply for an visa to Italy in the UK, you must book a visa appointment with the Italian Consulate General in London, Manchester or Edinburgh. Or you may contact us, we’ll simplify the process for you.

This can be done in three ways:

  • You can apply in person only by taking a prior appointment directly with the Consulate General of Italy in London.
  • Through the VFS Centres in London, Manchester and Cardiff (for tourism and business visas only).

The Consulate will notify you 10 days prior to your scheduled appointment via email to confirm your appointment. You are subjected to reply within 7 days or else the appointment will be canceled 3 days before the scheduled day.


You can contact us, we’ll nook Italy Visa Appointment Date for you, also guide you with the documentation work.

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