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Venice International Film Festival 2023 – Lineup

If you enjoy watching films, you might want to add the 80th edition of Venice International Film Festival to your calendar which is going to take place from 30th August to 9th September 2023. It is without a doubt one of the oldest and most well-known film festivals in the world, and it also features some of the most esteemed and distinguished films from all over the world.

The festival is directed by Alberto Barbera and arranged by La Biennale di Venezia, and it officially recognized by the International Federation of Film Producers Association (FIAPF).

A lovely site of Venice Lido, is hosting this event, where you can enjoy the amazing views of both sea and the city. There are several venues where the festival will be taking place including the Palazzo del Cinema, where the main ceremonies and screenings take place, the Sala Darsena, where retrospectives and tributes are shown, and the Sala Web, where you can see some of the films online. The Venice film festival 2023 will also be holding a number of events like masterclasses and parties where you can meet and interact with actors, film makers, critics, and other film enthusiasts.

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What is the schedule of the Venice Film Festival?

schedule of Venice film festival

The lineup of the Venice International Film Festival has always been impressive and diverse. It features films from different genres, and different countries in different styles. Some of the highlights of this year’s edition are mentioned below:

  • On August 30, the festival will start with Edoardo De Angelis’ Comandante. It is a biography of Fidel Castro who was the revolutionary leader of Cuba who successfully resisted US influence for many years.
  • Film Maestro of Bradley Cooper will compete for the Golden Lion, the highest honor of the festival. It is a musical drama about Leonard Bernstein who is one of the most influential composers and conductors of 20th century.
  • Sofia Coppola’s Priscilla is another film competing for Golden Lion. It is a comedy about a young woman who received a huge inheritance from her strange aunt and eventually decides to travel around Europe with her friends.
  • The Killer, directed by David Fincher, which will screen out of competition. It is a thriller based on a graphic novel by Matz and Luc Jacamon, about a cold-blooded assassin who starts to question his morality.
  • Film Poor Things, directed by Yorgos Lanthimos, will also be out of competition. It is an adaptation of a novel written by Alasdair Gray about a young woman who drowned in the Thames and was brought back to life by a crazy doctor.
  • Film Origin, directed by Ava DuVernay, will be part of the Orizzonti section. It is dedicated to new trends in cinema. It is a movie based on science fiction about a group of astronauts who set out on a mission to explore a mysterious planet.
  • Film Dogman which is directed by Luc Besson will be part of Sconfini section. It is dedicated to innovative and experimental films. This film is inspired by real-life incident of a dog groomer who got involved a violent fight with a local mobster.
  • Film memory which was directed by Michel Franco will be part of Venezia 80 section. This film is dedicated to the films made by directors who previously won or were nominated for Golden Lion. It is a drama about a man who struggles to recall his past while suffering from memory loss as a result of accident.
  • Film El Conde which was directed by Pablo Larrain will be part of Venezia Classici section. This film is dedicated to documentaries on cinema and restored classics. Pablo Neruda, the Chilean poet and Nobel Prize winner who was also a political activist and diplomat, is the subject of the biopic.

These are just some of the films that you can expect to see at the Film Festival in Italy 2023.

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Who makes up the jury for this year?

The jury of the Venice International Film Festival is composed of nine members who are selected from among prominent figures in film industry. The jury is responsible for deciding which film will get the awards and prizes including the Silver Lion for best director, the Golden Lion for best movie, and other prizes for acting, writing, and cinematography, etc.

Damien Chazelle who is an American director and won an Oscar for La La Land in 2017 is the president of the jury this year. He has also presented two films at Venice: La La Land and First Man. The other members of the jury are:

  • Jane Campion: She is an acclaimed director from New Zealand who also won an Oscar for Piano in 1994. She has also won several awards at Venice, including the Golden Lion for Piano and the Silver Lion for An Angel at My Table.
  • Mia Hansen-Løve:  She is a French director who won the Silver Bear for best director at Berlin for her movie Things to come in 2016. She has also directed films such as Father of My Children, Goodbye First Love, and Bergman Island.
  • Laura Poitras: She is an American documentary filmmaker who also won an Oscar for Citizenfour in 2015. She is also the winner of Golden Lion at Venice for All the Beauty and the Bloodshed in 2022.
  • Martin McDonag: He is an Irish-British director who won an Oscar for his short film Six Shooter in 2006. He also directed films like In Bruges, Seven Psychopaths, and Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri.
  • Saleh Bakri: A Palestinian actor who also starred in films such as The Band’s Visit, Wajib, and the Reports on Sarah and Saleem.
  • Gabriele Mainetti: He is an Italian director who has won several awards at Venice including his debut film They Call Me Jeeg in 2015. He also directed the sequel Freaks Out, which will be screened out of competition at Venice film festival this year.
  • Santiago Mitre: He is an Argentine director who is the winner of Critics’ Week Grand Prize at Cannes for Paulina in 2015. He also directed films like The Student, The Summit, and The Accused.
  • Shu Qi: She is a Taiwanese actress who has starred in films like Millennium Mambo, The Assassin, and The Adventurers.

Who will be honored at the Venice Film Festival this year?

The Venice Film Festival will also honor some of the most talented and influential individuals in film history by presenting them with honorary prizes or by screening their work.

  • Liliana Cavani: Liliana is an Italian director who will receive a Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement. She has directed films like The Night Porter, Francesco, and Ripley’s Game. She will also present her latest documentary L’ordine del tempo at Venice.
  • Tony Leung Chiu-wai: He is an actor from Hong Kong who will also receive a Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement. He acted in films like In the Mood for Love, Infernal Affairs, and The Grandmaster. He has also acted in three films that won the Golden Lion at Venice, these were Cyclo, Lust, Caution, and A City of Sadness.
  • Gina Lollobrigida: Gina was an Italian actress who passed away on January 16, 2023. She will be honored with a pre-opening night dedicated to her on August 29. The program will feature two restored films starring her: Portrait of Gina by Orson Welles and La provinciale by Mario Soldati.
  • William Friedkin: An American director, William Friedkin passed away on August 7, 2023. He will be remembered with a screening of his films The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial and The Exorcist, both in restored versions. He was also a winner of Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement in 2013.
  • Wes Anderson: The Cartier glory to film maker award will be given to Wes Anderson who is an American director. This honor is generally given to someone who has made original contribution to the modern film industry

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Where to Buy Tickets Venice Film festival?

tickets for festival

Tickets may be bought exclusively online starting from mid-August 2023. In compliance with current regulations, tickets are personal and cannot be transferred. 

Starting from mid-August, tickets can be purchased online. Remember tickets are not transferable and are personal according to the current laws.

You can also search for the title of a certain movie or browse event day-wise. For each screening of short films and Venice classics like Steven Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977), single tickets are available.

Attendees may, however, also choose to buy “subscriptions”. These tickets entitles you to attend several screenings. This is less expensive than buying a ticket for each movie separately.

Similarly some subscriptions allows you to attend all screenings taking place in particular room during the festival.

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Will I Need a Visa from UK to Attend 2023 Film Festival?

If you are a non-EU national living in the UK with a residency permit then yes you will need to apply for Italy visa to attend the Venice film festival 2023. Here is how can apply for the visa.

  • Firstly, choose the visa category that you need. Depending on why you are travelling to Italy from UK, there are different categories of Italy visa available.
  • Decide where you want to apply for your Italy visa in the UK
  • Assemble all the required visa documents for Italy.
  • Schedule an Italian visa appointment with the UK-based Italian visa application Centre like us. 
  • To make it easier for you, Italy Visa UK also offers an online visa appointment form as it manages the same in the UK. Hence, an appointment can be obtained with their help smoothly within a couple of days.
  • We can book your VFS Italy visa appointment on behalf of you.
  • On the day of your Italian Visa appointment you have to show up in person to submit your documents and provide your biometric data. 
  • Pay the fees and wait for your visa processing.

Note: On the scheduled day of appointment for Schengen visa UK, we always ask you to arrive early. For review, the visa officer will need both original and copy of your documents. You will also be asked about the reason of your travel and the itinerary details. However, the process does not take very long, therefore you should finish as quickly as possible.


What are required documents for Italy Visa UK?

Here is a list of documents you will need to provide to get Italy visa.
• A valid passport with at least two blank pages.
• Minimum two passport-size photos against white background.
• A minimum of 30,000 euros in health insurance coverage.
• A cover letter outlining your purpose of trip.
• Travel details, including dates and arrival and departure times.
• Accommodation proof including the name and address of your hotel and your itinerary.
• A bank statement from the last three months demonstrating you have the funds to pay for your costs during your visit.

What is the difference between single and multiple entry visa?

With a singly entry visa you can enter Italy only once, while a multiple entry visa allows you to enter into Italy a multiple times until the validity of your visa.

How long can I stay in Italy with Italy visa UK?

With Italy visa you can stay in the country for a maximum of three months. Remember the validity of the visa can be 1 year or 2 years depending on the type of tourist visa you get. But upon entering once you can stay for only 90 days, they you have to exit from the country for a while and then you can re-enter.

Can I travel to other Schengen countries with my Italy visa?

Yes, with your Italy visa uk you may travel to other Schengen countries as well according to the Schengen rules.

In order to attend Venice International film festival what type of visa should I apply?

You must apply for Italy tourist visa to be able to attend the film festival in Italy 2023.

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A Snapshot of Events & Festivals of Italy in August 2023


There’s nothing better than getting out there and seeing the world, experiencing new countries and different cultures. One of the best things to experience when travelling is another country’s festivals and celebrations; they’re an ideal way to immerse yourself in a new culture. 

As August 2023 embraces Italy, the land of rich history and artistic legacy, it welcomes many exciting events that captivate locals and entice visitors from across the globe. Festival of  Italy August 2023 calendar offers the best Italian festivals and events in Italy 2023 that glimpse the nation’s vibrant spirit, from cultural extravaganzas and ancient traditions to modern music festivals and sporting spectacles. 

Get ready to experience unique emotions for summer 2023 in Italy with suggestive events from north to south among music and folklore. Theatre festivals, street art, live music, performing arts, historical reenactments, and food and wine festivals, start packing your bags; there is something for everyone. 

This blog delves into the fascinating events that unfolded across Italy during this memorable month, showcasing the country’s cultural, artistic, and athletic prowess. Make sure to apply for Italy visa from the UK well in advance for a hassle-free strip.

Best italian festival 2023

Ferragosto Celebrations

Ferragosto, celebrated on August 15th, is one of Italy’s cherished holidays, deeply rooted in history. Originating from ancient Roman Festivals, Ferragosto has evolved into a nationwide celebration of the heights of summer; Italians come together to enjoy a day of relaxation, feasting, and jubilation. 

In cities like Rome, streets come alive with colourful processions, while coastal towns embrace the night with spectacular fireworks displays. Families and friends gather for festive picnics, traditional music, and dancing, creating a joyous atmosphere nationwide. 

The significance of Ferragosto extends beyond mere revelry; it symbolizes community bonding and cultural heritage. It allows locals and tourists to immerse themselves in the warmth of Italian hospitality and experience the vibrant spirit that defines that beloved nation during this time of the year. 

Venice International Film Festival-The 80th Festival 

festival in italy 2023

The Venice International Film Festival of Italy in August 2023, held annually in late August or early September, is one of the world’s most prestigious and oldest film festivals. Hosted in the iconic city of Venice, Italy, this cinematic attracts filmmakers, actors, critics, and movie enthusiasts from across the globe. 

Founded in 1932, the festival showcases a diverse selection of films, ranging from art-house gems to Hollywood blockbusters and everything in between. It serves as a platform for emerging talents to showcase their work and for established filmmakers to receive critical acclaim. 

The festival occurs at the historic Palazzo del Cinema on the Lido di Venezia, offering a unique setting for red-carpet premieres and screenings. Movie stars and industry professionals gather to celebrate the art of filmmaking, fostering discussions on cultural, social, and political themes explored through cinema. 

As the Venice International Film Festival continues to captivate audiences, it reaffirms its position as a prestigious event celebrating the power of storytelling and the magic of the silver screen. 

Palio di Siena

The Palio di Siena is a centuries-old horse race that occurs twice yearly in the historic city of Siena, Tuscany, Festival of Italy August 2023. Rooted in medieval traditions and rivalries, this thrilling event captures the essence of Italian culture and communal spirit.

Dating back to the 17th century, the Palio centres around ten contra de, or neighbourhoods, within Siena, each represented by a horse and rider. The race is held in the picturesque Piazza del Campo, where thousands of spectators gather to witness the excitement.

Months of preparation precede the Palio, with each contrada vying for victory through strategic alliances and intense training. The race lasts only 90 seconds, but its intensity is unparalleled, with riders steering their horses at breakneck speeds around the treacherous dirt track.

The winning Contrada revels in triumphant celebrations, highlighting the deep-seated pride and identity associated with this captivating tradition that continues to symbolize the unyielding spirit of Siena’s inhabitants.

Perseid Meteor Shower Observation

The Perseid meteor shower is an annual celestial event & Festival of Italy August 2023, captivating stargazers and astronomy enthusiasts worldwide. Named after the constellation Perseus, from which they appear to originate, these meteors create a breathtaking natural spectacle. 

During the peak of the Perseids, usually around August 12th, the Earth passes through debris left behind by the Swift-Tuttle comet. As these tiny particles collide with the Earth’s atmosphere, they burn up, producing streaks of light across the night sky. The Perseids are known for their bright and fast-moving meteors, making them one of the most impressive meteor showers of the year. 

Observing the Perseid meteor shower requires finding a location away from light pollution, preferably in the countryside or mountains. Clear, moonless nights provide the best conditions for witnessing this celestial extravaganza. Spectators often gather in groups, lying back on blankets or reclining chairs, to enjoy the awe-inspiring display of shooting stars and marvel at the wonders of the cosmos.

La Notte Bianca

La Notte Bianca, or the White Night, is an all-night cultural extravaganza in various cities across Italy. Inspired by a similar concept in Paris, this lively event transforms entire cities into bustling bubs of artistic and entertainment activities that last from dusk to dawn. The event occurs in late August or early September, embracing the warm summer nights when residents and tourists can enjoy the celebration to the fullest. 

La Notte Bianca celebrates various forms of art and culture, offering an eclectic mix of art and culture, offering an eclectic mix of activities for people of all ages and interests. Museums, galleries, historical sites, and cultural institutions remain open throughout the night, welcoming visitors to explore their exhibits and collections under the moonlit sky. 

Music, dance, and theatre performances flood the streets, piazzas, and squares, creating a vibrant atmosphere. Renowned artists and emerging talents grace the stages, offering everything from classical concerts to contemporary dance shows. Families, friends and neighbours celebrate the shared passion for culture and the arts, creating a strong sense of community and togetherness. La Notte Bianca is a magical night where the city comes alive with creativity and celebrates the rich artistic heritage of Italy. 

Ferrara Buskers Festival

The Ferrara Buskers Festival is an internationally acclaimed street music festival held annually in the charming city of Ferrara, located in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. For several days in late August, the city’s historic streets and squares transform into a mesmerizing open-air stage, attracting talented street performers and musicians from around the globe.

Founded in 1988, the festival celebrates the art of busking, where artists showcase their skills in various musical genres, including classical, folk, jazz, blues, and more. The diverse and vibrant performances create a unique and enchanting atmosphere, drawing thousands of spectators who immerse themselves in the magical world of music.

The Ferrara Buskers Festival offers captivating melodies and celebrates cultural diversity and artistic expression. Visitors revel in the joyful ambience as they stroll through the ancient city, discovering hidden musical gems and forging unforgettable memories during this exceptional and harmonious event.

Serie A Kick-Off

The Serie A kick-off is among the most anticipated events in Italian sports and football culture. Serie A is Italy’s top-tier professional football league, and its kick-off marks the beginning of an exciting and fiercely competitive season. Scheduled every August, fans from all over the country eagerly await the opening matches as their favourite teams take to the field.

The kick-off ignites a wave of passion and excitement as clubs battle it out for the coveted Scudetto, the league title. Stadiums buzz with enthusiastic supporters, proudly displaying their team colours and chanting anthems to show unwavering loyalty.

As the Serie A kick-off approaches, anticipation builds, and fans engage in spirited debates about the potential outcomes of the season. The league’s commencement symbolizes renewed hope and dreams for football glory, creating an electric atmosphere that embodies Italy’s deep-rooted love for the sport.


That concludes the guide to the top most events of Italy in August 2023. Each festival offers a unique experience, showcasing a variety of genres, a captivating setting, and the enchanting spirit of Italy. Whether you’re a lover of indie music, electronic beats, or rock anthems, there’s a festival that will speak to your musical soul. Start planning your Italian event tour and get ready for a summer filled with unforgettable moments.

If you are interested in attending the exclusive captivating array of events, you must obtain an Italian Schengen visa from the UK, depending on your nationality.

So, what are you waiting for? Book for Italy visa appointment today and obtain your Italy Schengen visa to explore the Italian arts festival.

italian visa from uk


Qus. Are there any special events in Italy during August 2023?

Ans. Experience the magic Festival of Italy in August 2023 with a captivating array of events. Immerse yourself in the rhythm of the Lucca Summer Festival and groove to the tunes of the Umbria Jazz Festival. Witness the rich traditions of Ferragosto as locals celebrate with gusto. Explore the enchanting coastal regions of Amalfi and Sardinia, where beach parties and water sports abound. 

Qus. Is it compulsory for me to get an Italy visa UK?

Ans. If you want to travel to Italy for a short-term trip of up to 90 days, you must apply for a short-term Schengen visa to Italy.

Qus. How should I apply for an online Italian visa UK?

Ans. To apply for an Italy visa UK, you need to follow these steps:

  • Fill in an online Italy visa application form. 


  • After submitting an online application with confirmed payment, the team will book your Italian Schengen visa appointment in the UK at the visa centre.
  • Furthermore, you must visit the visa centre with all the required documents.
  • Hence, you can get your Italy Tourist Visa UK.

Qus. What are the Italy visa requirements when applying for an Italy visa application?

Ans. These are the list of mandatory Italy visa requirements required when applying for an Italy visa application:


  • Italy Visa application form
  • One Passport-Size Photograph
  • Valid Passport
  • UK Residence Permit
  • Proof of Accommodation
  • Round-trip Flight Itinerary
  • Proof of sufficient financial means for the period of stay in Italy
  • Proof of Accommodation
  • Schengen Travel Visa Insurance


Qus. What is the processing time for Italy Schengen Visa?

Ans. Under normal circumstances, the processing time for Italy Visa UK takes 12-15 calendar days after the documentation and bio-metrics at the visa centre.



Festival Dei Due Mondi 2023: Art, Music, and Theatre

In Italy, the summer is the time of the year in which most of the events involving music, art and entertainment occur. One of the most interesting events at the end of June in Umbria is the Festival dei Due Mondi in Spoleto.
The Festival dei Del Mondi, or Festival of the Two Worlds, is an annual music and art festival held in Spoleto. The Festival was founded in 1958 by the Italian composer Gian Carlo Menotti, who wanted to create a cultural exchange between Europe and America.
The Festival runs for two weeks in late June and early July and has many events, including opera, theatre, dance, music and visual arts. The Festival attracts local and international artists, and many performances are premieres. One of the Festival’s highlights is the Spoleto Festival Orchestra, comprised of young musicians worldwide. The orchestra performs various classical and contemporary music, and many members have gone on to successful musical careers.
Another popular event is the Festival of Nations, which takes place in the historic Piazza del Duomo. The Festival features food, music and dances from around the world and is a great way to experience different cultures. The Festival also includes free events such as outdoor concerts and street performances. The streets of Spoleto come alive during the Festival, with performers and artists showcasing their talent across the city.
In this blog, we will tell you what the Festival dei Due Mondi consists of and its history. In addition, we will present this year’s edition and the program’s protagonist. Finally, we explain how to reach the event and where you can buy tickets for admission to the show.

History of Festival dei Due Mondi

History Of Festival dei Due Mondi
History Of Festival dei Due Mondi

The Festival dei Due Mondi is a celebration of art and a demonstration of the power of cultural extravaganza. It brings people from different backgrounds together to share their talents and experiences and create something unique and special. If you are an art lover, you cannot miss this Festival.

The Festival dei Due Mondi, or Festival of the Two Worlds, was founded in 1958 by the Italian composer Gian Carlo Menotti. Menotti was born in Italy but spent much of his life in the United States, where he became a successful composer and conductor. Menotti wanted to create a cultural exchange between Europe and America and saw the Festival as an opportunity to bring together artists from both continents. The Festival takes place in the Italian city of Spoleto, which Menotti chose for its rich cultural history and beautiful surroundings.

The first Festival dei Due Mondi was held in 1958 with various events such as opera, theatre shows and music. The Festival immediately succeeded, attracting local and international artists and audiences.

Over the years, the Festival has grown in size and scope and now includes various events, from classical music to contemporary dance. Many shows are premieres, and the Festival has become known for its commitment to new and innovative works.

Festival dei Due Mondi 2023 Dates

Italy’s oldest performing arts festival raises the curtain on its sixty-sixth edition, scheduled this year from 23rd June to 9th July, to transform Spoleto into the city of the arts again.

The Venues

The venues in which the main events of the festivals take place are Teatro Nuovo Gian Carlo Menotti and Teatro Caio Melisso for concerts and operas, the Roman Theatre for ballet shows, Teatrino delle Sei for avant-garde performances, modern dance, exhibitions, installations, and concerts, the monumental complex of San Nicolo for conferences, show and concerts, Rocca Albornoziana for concerts, and the beautiful Piazza del Duomo for the Dance Performances, the Gala and the closing concerts.

Festival dei Due Mondi Ticket Booking

italian festival
italian festival

The special season tickets allow you to attend four shows at a 30% discount.
The season tickets are nominative, non-transferable and valid for submissions of your choice, during the whole period of the Festival, even for shows staged on the same day.
The Festival Concert, Le Bal de Paris, the Midday Concerts at the Teatro Caio Melisso Spazio Carla Fendi, and the hosted events are excluded.

Season ticket cost: € 590

The Festival dei Due Mondi is a great cultural event presenting the best Italian and international artists. The Festival is a great opportunity to experience the beauty and richness of Italian culture and see the best artists in the world perform in Spoleto’s wonderful location. If you are interested in attending the Festival, you must obtain an Italian Schengen visa from the UK, depending on your nationality.

So, what are you waiting for? Book for Italy visa appointment today and obtain your Italy Schengen visa to explore the Italian arts festival.



Q. What is the Festival dei Due Mondi?
Ans. The Festival dei Due Mondi, which translates to “Festival of the Two Worlds,” is an annual cultural event held in Spoleto, Italy. It was founded in 1958 by the Italian-American composer Gian Carlo Menotti and is dedicated to the performing arts, including music, opera, theatre, and dance.

Q. When and where does the Festival dei Due Mondi take place?
Ans. The Festival dei Due Mondi typically takes place in the summer months, usually in the late June or early July. The festival takes place in the picturesque city of Spoleto, located in Umbria region of central Italy.

Q. What can I expect to see at the Festival dei Due Mondi 2023?
Ans. The Festival dei Due Mondi 2023 offers a diverse program featuring a wide range of artistic performances. You can expect to see performances of classical music, opera, ballet, contemporary dance, theatre, plays, and visual arts exhibitions. The festival often showcases both established and emerging artists from Italy and around the world.

Q. How should I apply for an Italy visa UK?
Ans. To apply for Italy visa, you need to follow a four-step process to get your Italy Schengen visa from the UK:
Step 1: Fill in the online Italy Visa Application form for the UK
Step 2: Once the application is submitted with confirmed payment, the team will book your Italy visa appointment at the visa center.
Step 3: Visit the Visa Centre on the date of appointment with all Italy visa requirements
Step 4: Get your Italy tourist visa UK and passport via post

Q. What are the Italy visa requirements when applying for an Italy visa application?
Ans. These are the list of mandatory Italy visa requirements required when applying for an Italy visa application:

  • Italy Visa application form
  • One Passport-Size Photograph
  • Valid Passport
  • UK Residence Permit
  • Proof of Accommodation
  • Round-trip Flight Itinerary
  • Proof of sufficient financial means for the period of stay in Italy
  • Proof of Accommodation
  • Schengen Travel Visa Insurance

Q. What is the processing time for Italy Schengen Visa?
Ans. Under normal circumstances, the processing time for Italy Schengen Visa takes 12-15 working days after the documentation and bio-metrics at the visa center.

Apply for Italy Visa from UK

Everything You Need to Know About an Italy Visa from the UK

Italy is a popular tourist destination for not just one but several reasons. The main reasons for visiting Italy at least once are listed below.

With Sumptuous cuisine and wonderfully preserved historical sites, its culture is extremely rich. It is a nation where nature, art, history, and religion come together to make a superpower of culture unmatched by any other. But you can only truly appreciate Italy’s art, history, and culture when you have actually travelled there.

This blog provides details about how to schedule an appointment for Italy visa, how to apply for the visa, documents and other requirements if you are applying from the UK.

Do I need to apply for a visa from the UK to travel to Italy?

  • It is not necessary to obtain a visa in order to go to Italy from the UK if you have a UK passport or one of the following: BOC, BOTC, BSB, PP. Italy is a member of the Schengen Area; therefore, if your visit will be shorter than 90 days, you can enter without a visa.
  • Non-EU nationals must apply for an Italy visa through the UK.
  • In order to travel to Italy from the UK, citizens of nations without a visa waiver agreement with the Schengen Area must obtain an Italy visa.
  • You must have a UK residency permit that is valid for at least three months after the date you want to depart Italy or the Schengen Area in order to apply for an Italy tourist visa from UK

How to apply for Italy Visa from the UK?

Apply italy visa
Apply italy visa

In order to apply for Italy Visa from UK, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Firstly, choose the Italian short-stay visa category that you need. Depending on why you’re travelling from the UK to Italy, there are different Italian Schengen visa categories available
  • Decide where in the UK you should apply for an Italian visa.
  • Choose the best time to apply for an Italy visa in the UK. The earliest you can fill out and submit your application for an Italian visa in the UK is three months before your anticipated departure date. The latest is at least fifteen working days before your anticipated departure from the UK for Italy.
  • Assemble the required UK residents’ visa documentation for Italy.
  • Schedule a meeting with the UK-based Italian visa application Centre. You can schedule an appointment for an Italy visa online, over the phone, or in person.
  • To make it easier for you, Global also offers an online visa application form as it manages applications in the UK on behalf of Italy. Hence, a Visa can be obtained with their help smoothly.
  • We can book your Italy visa appointment on behalf of you.
  • On the day of your Italy Visa appointment, show up in person for the interview. Your visa application process includes an interview, which is crucial.
  • Pay the fees and wait for your visa processing.
  • Additionally, you can apply for an Italian visa at the Italian General Consulate in Edinburgh.

Documents and other requirements for an Italy visa

requirement for italy visa
requirement for italy visa

  • Valid passport issued within the last ten years
  • Two blank pages in the passport for visa stamps and a spare one
  • A passport must be valid for three months after leaving the Schengen area
  • Valid residency permit of the UK endorsed on to the passport itself or bio-metric ID card otherwise
  • A completed and signed Visa Application form must be submitted by the applicant
  • Passport-size photograph with a light or preferably white background. It must clearly and completely display all your facial features.
  • Application forms with stapled photographs will be rejected; hence the photograph on the application form should be glued properly and must not be older than 3 months.
  • A cover letter stating your purpose for visiting Italy, along with the complete itinerary
  • Agreement proof of travel, including tickets, itinerary
  • If you are planning to travel by car, you will need the following documents:
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Proper Car insurance
  • Car registration or rental documentation
  • Civil status proof such as birth certificate of children, death certificate of spouse, marriage certificate if applicable
  • Financial documents, which includes your recent account with the UK bank, existing for at least 3 months with minimum funds of 50.00 £ spent in Italy or other Schengen states each day.
  • Children below 12 years of age are exempted from the biometric procedure
  • Specially abled people who are physically unable to provide fingerprints are also exempted from the biometric process

Book an Appointment for Italy Visa in UK

To apply for an Italy tourist visa from UK you must book an appointment with an Italian consulate general in Edinburgh, Manchester or London. In order to simplify the visa process for you, Italy Visa facilitates guidance and assistance in the UK for getting an Italian visa.

Italy Visa is a reputable and professional Italian Schengen visa provider. If you have a Italy visa, you can enter all of the Schengen nations with the same visa, which is valid for the entire Schengen area. This not only saves your time and effort but also streamlines and simplifies the entire process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a visa to travel to Italy from the UK?

People from UK (British Citizens) can visit EU nations which also include Italy, as tourists for up till 90 days after the Brexit without visa, here but they cannot reside or work there unless they have the required paperwork. Furthermore, those who belong to other nations and have moved to Britain and even though have British residence permit they always need a visa to travel to Italy and other EU nations.

How do I apply for an Italian visa from the UK?

Touch base with experts at Italy Visa UK, who are specialists in helping you get an Italy Schengen visa appointment and do the entire process on behalf of you.

How long does it take to process an Italian visa application?

After the biometrics Visa processing times vary depending on nationality for some people. The processing time for visas is approximately 12–15 working days, however it is subject to change as per individual circumstances.

Is it necessary to attend an interview for an Italian visa?

Yes, once the paperwork is complete, you will have to show up for the interview in order to get your visa approved.


Rome Summer Festival 2022

Rome Summer Festival 2022 – A Two-Month Music Extravaganza

Rome Summer Fest 2022, one of the city’s premier music festivals, takes place each summer in a beautiful setting – The Renzo Piano’s Cavea of Auditorium Parco della Musica.

Throughout the summer, Roma Summer Fest hosts live concerts including the finest Italian and worldwide rock, pop, and jazz singers and songwriters.

Roma Summer Fest Italy 2022 will feature some renowned artists such as the British songwriter Michael Kiwanuka, who will perform live on 16th July, and the legendary Simple Minds, who will perform live on 17th July as part of their “40 Years of Hits Tour”.

Apart from this, many other popular artists will be performing live in the two-month long summer festival!

Official Dates of the Event – 10th June to 6th August

Feel like getting an Italy visa from UK so that you can take part in this magnanimous event with your friends or family? Before you do that, read this brief guide that throws light on all the amazing things awaiting you in Italy!

Why is Rome Summer Festival 2022 So Popular?

Roma Summer Fest is a popular summer music event hosted by the Musica per Roma Foundation in the world’s only Renzo Piano-designed Auditorium, Parco della Musica.

Over two months of live concerts including the biggest Italian and international rock and pop singers, jazz and original music pioneers. For the amount and quality of the offerings in a short period of time, Rome Summer Fest is without a doubt one of the most important festivals in the world, having hosted global tour debuts in recent years.

To date, about one million fans have seen concerts featuring Elton John, Sting, Bjork, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan and many other world-famous artists.

The Venue is a One-of-a-Kind Structure

The Auditorium Parco della Musica, built by Renzo Piano and inaugurated on December 21, 2002, is a collection of halls devoted to music in particular and to art in general. The Cavea is an open-air amphitheatre located at the Auditorium’s core that seats up to 3,000 people.

Rome Summer Festival 2022

A Grand Rome Summer Fest 2022 Lineup

The Roma Summer Fest returns, a summer music event hosted by the Musica per Roma Foundation in the world’s only Renzo Piano-designed venue, the Auditorium Parco della Musica. Two months of live concerts including the best Italian and worldwide rock and pop singers, jazz greats, and composers, culminating in a season of great music at the Cavea.


Following a four-year hiatus and a global epidemic, the Berlin trio returns to the Auditorium Parco della Musica with a new show. The Rome Summer Fest’s 2022 edition will be inaugurated by Gernot Bronsert, Sebastian Szary, and Sascha Ring, alias MODERAT.

Paolo Conte

A must-see performance featuring Paolo Conte’s seductive charm and unique vocal timbre supported by an orchestral group of eleven great players. The singer-most songwriter’s popular songs are featured on the programme, which will be played in the magnificent setting of the Parco della Musica: “Hemingway,” “Under the stars of jazz,” and the unpublished “El Greco.”

Michael Kiwanuk

Following the Covid-19 health issue that prompted the artist to delay his tour, Michael Kiwanuka, the English musician of Ugandan ancestry and undisputed soulman, comes to Rome on July 16, 2022, as part of the Rome Summer Fest.

The musician, who has collaborated with Adele and Danger Mouse, has received multiple nominations for the Brit Awards, MTV Europe Music Awards, Mercury Prize, and BBC Music Awards, and is now regarded as one of international soul’s best performers.

Simple Minds

Simple Minds return to Rome Summer Fest 2022 as part of their “40 Years of Hits Tour.” Even their most recent albums continue to generate considerable popular interest. The originally scheduled “Simple Minds” concerts in Rome’s Auditorium Parco della Musica on 15 July 2020 and 13 July 2021 have been rescheduled for 17 July 2022.

Tickets purchased in the past will be valid for the new date.

Carmen Consoli

Carmen Consoli returns to the Auditorium as a special guest of the Rome Summer Fest. With a new tour, the artist is ready to reclaim the live scene. After selling out consecutively with his most recent theatrical tour, which captivated audiences with its unique separation into three acts, he now deepens each act and converts it into a concert in and of itself, with fresh atmospheres and sounds ranging from rock to acoustic to electronic.

Apart from these, there are many other renowned local, national and international artists who will performing live during the two-month-long music extravaganza.

Rome Summer Fest tickets 2022

Tickets for the Roma Summer Fest start from 35 Euros and go all the way to 100-200 Euros. You need to buy a separate ticket for each event.

Some notable music performances from Simple Minds, MODERAT and Paolo Conte are a must-visit.

Rome Summer Festival 2022

For more details, check here –

Got all the information you need? Now all you need to do is get your Italy visa online and take part in the exciting Rome Summer Fest 2022 with your friends or family!

How to spend summer in Italy

How to Spend Summer in Italy – A Holidaymaker’s Guide

Wondering how to spend summer in Italy? Worry not, for we have got you covered. The following comprehensive article will help you with some incredible ways to spend summer in Italy like locals living in apartments and rentals.

The month of August is considered summer in Italy by Italians. While many

Italians take the entire month of August off, the traditional summer vacation of

Ferragosto, which dates back to Emperor Augustus, lasts from August 15 to

September 1. This is the time of the year when the best restaurants, as well as many shops and small family-run enterprises, close their doors for the vacation.

It’s a great opportunity to escape away from the tourist traps in the city centres and rent an apartment in a neighborhood like Milan’s Navigli, which will be bustling with locals. What’s holding you back then? apply for Italy Visa today to spend a memorable summer in Italy with your loved ones.

When you’re ready for a serene beach vacation, skip the Cinque Terre, Portofino, Positano, and the Amalfi Coast and head to Calabria, Puglia, Sardinia, and the quieter cities on the Italian Lakes, where Italians flock.

Top-Notch 5 ways to Spend Summer in Italy

Go for a walk in Südtirol.

The Dolomites aren’t the highest Alps peaks, but they’re certainly the most magnificent ones – studded with limestone slabs worn into vertical cliffs, rising abrupt from a forested valley floor. If you go for a summer hike in their shade, you’ll discover a part of Italy unlike any other: mesmerizing Alpine grasslands ablaze with wildflowers and grazing cattle. You get to follow the trails of Val di Funes – where the Odle mountains loom menacingly over the beautiful chapel of Santa Maddelena. All that it takes to explore the enthralling beauty of Südtirol is an Italy Visa UK.

Take a scenic drive along the Amalfi Coast.

Italy is known for treating even B-roads as if they were Silverstone. Many people are scared of driving in Italy because of this rather unjust stereotype, which is a myth, the reason being – the Italian roads are home to some of Europe’s best road journeys. The lauded Amalfi Coast Drive offers a breathtaking 35-mile route along the coast of the Sorrento Peninsula.

How to spend summer in Italy

The hairpin corners and nerve-wracking cliff-edge slaloms of this drive bring out every motorist’s inner adrenaline driver. You’ll pass by the verdant hills rising from a warm sea, fishing communities built at 45-degree angles, and historic monasteries perched high on cliffs along the way. No wonder why Amalfi coast has been on the top of the bucket list of the adrenaline junkies forever.

Discover the tranquil side of the Italian Lakes

Buying or renting a villa along the lakes implies you have made it successfully to Italian society. To relate, have a look at Italian history. Numerous villas of Roman dignitaries and the spectacular palaces of the Milanese aristocracy were built beside the waters of Lake Como with the snow-capped Alps rising above it.

On your upcoming visit to Italy, consider exploring Lake Mergozzo, which is a puddle compared to Garda and Como but is unquestionably more serene, with no speedboats and swans occasionally outnumbering people.  And to extract the most of this visit, climb the peaceful hillside paths behind the village for views of beautiful Lake Maggiore on the horizon.  Discover and explore the pastel-coloured cottages nestled around a natural amphitheatre on the northern coast of this village.

Locate a secluded beach on the coast of Sardinia.

Sardinia’s beaches are fairly quiet for the majority of the year. However, every summer they are visited by a large number of beach lovers and transform into Italy’s premier sunbathing destination. Many of the best Italian beaches, by some miracle, are also the quietest and most serene in the world. You can set out for the Golfo di Orosei with your loved ones, halfway up the east coast, to escape the crowds. This magical coast of Sardinia has enormous cliffs that rise from the sea, ringed in by peaceful beaches, some of which can only be reached by boat that departs at Cala Gonone.

Relish the Sicilian Ice Cream

In Italy, eating ice cream is an art form: the Italians are experts in gracefully devouring the cone without dropping a bomb of frozen goo. In Bologna, there is also an ice cream university. It may come as a surprise, though, that the frozen dessert was not invented by Italians.

How to spend summer in Italy

According to legend, Arab conquerors brought the notion to Europe via Sicily in the 9th century, as a method to cool off on hot summer days. Taormina, the mediaeval east-coast town long known as a seaside retreat for aristocracy and monarchs, has borne this love affair fruitfully for a thousand years.

Got all the information you need to make your Italian summer trip a reality? Grab your Italy Visa Online and beat the heat in Italy.

Things to do in Ravello

4 Interesting Things to do in Ravello on Your Italian Vacation

Ravello, a stunning Amalfi Coast town, is lauded for offering jaw-dropping sights and beautifully adorned villas. It is considered one of the most beautiful places to visit in Italy with loved ones to create memories that will last for a lifetime. This comprehensive article includes a list of things to do in Ravello and extracts the best out of vacationing in Ravello.

If you are planning to organize a memorable family trip, Ravello is the best destination for you. This iconic town is definitely not a place for the Grinches. The ornate villas, lush groves, vineyards, and gardens are sure to beguile you and captivate your heart. All that you need to explore this shining jewel of the Amalfi Coast is a Visa for Italy from the UK. Apply for Italy Visa today.

4 Amazing Things to do in Ravello on Your Italian Vacation

Visit Town Square – Relax & Rejuvenate

Planning to relax and rejuvenate? Then head over to the picturesque Town square of Ravello.

The Town Square which goes by the name Piazza Vescovado is a great place to grab a quick bite or a drink.

Things to do in Ravello

The town square also offers various shopping places where you can buy beautiful canvas paintings, cloth bags, ceramics, and souvenirs.

Villa Cimbrone–Witness Amazing Sights

One of the best places to visit in Ravello is the Villa Cimbrone. This beautiful garden offers amazing views of the Amalfi coast and beyond.

Things to do in Ravello

This garden is well-known for its opulence and elegance and it symbolizes the look of old palaces that are mostly found in Paris and Vienna.

Want to go away from the hustle and bustle of cities? Then Villa Cimbrone is the place to be!

Duomo di Ravello – A Beautiful Cathedral

A charming Duomo di Ravello is a charming cathedral which is located in the town centre.

Did you know? This beautiful attraction dates back to 1087!

Things to do in Ravello

Some of the main features of this cathedral are its large bronze doors which take inspiration from Romanesque Architecture.

Apart from this, you can also explore the museum inside the church. The cathedral opens every day from 9 AM to Afternoon and during the evening too.

Path of God –Discover the Beautiful Coastline

This beautiful location offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience for adventure seekers.

Visit this charming place if you are someone who loves hiking. This beautiful place offers some of the best views of the Amalfi Coast. In addition to that, the hiking trail is also worth the trouble.

Things to do in Ravello

If you want to beat the crowds then start your hike at around 7 AM and reach the top to have a private experience.

Top hotels in Ravello

Some of the best hotels in Ravello where you can enjoy amazing stay experiences are Caruso, Palazzo Avino, Villa Piedimonte, Hotel Villa Maria, and Villa Amore.

Best Restaurants in Ravello

Some amazing restaurants where you can relish Ravello cuisines are Duomo Café, Ninos Pizza, Babel Wine Bar Deli, and Art and the Garden Restaurant.

Things to do in Ravello

Got all the information you need about things to do in Ravello? Now, simply apply for an Italy Visa UK and visit the charming place with your friends or family.

Valentine's day in Italy 2022

Valentine’s Day in Italy 2022 – The Definitive Guide for Couples

Italy is a world-renowned tourist attraction that is popularly known for its romantic and picturesque towns, beautiful architectural marvels and rich heritage. That is why you should celebrate Valentine’s Day in Italy 2022!

Before you call up a consultancy to start booking your Italy Visa, read our detailed guide that might just help you to make your Valentine’s Day Celebrations even more romantic!

3 Places to Celebrate A Romantic Valentine’s Day in Italy

Venice – A Beautiful City to Explore

One of the best things to do in Italy on Valentine’s Day is to visit Venice and explore its many popular attractions like:

  • The Gondola Ride
  • Lunch or Dinner in a popular restaurant
  • Clicking pictures with famous buildings as the backdrop
  • Staying in a beautiful canal-side hotel or resort

Florence – Enjoy a Host of Romantic Things

Florence is another beautiful place that happens to attract a lot of couples and holidaymakers.

Some interesting things that you can do to make your Italian vacation more romantic during Valentine’s Day are:

    • Candlelit dinner in a well-known restaurant
    • Stopover at the Piazzale Michelangelo – Enjoy amazing views
    • Go shopping if that is something you fancy

Rome – The Best Place for celebrating Valentine’s Day in Italy

Rome boasts of an array of romantic places for couples. Did you know that Rome has always been regarded as a source of inspiration for love?

Valentine's day in Italy 2022

So, why not head to this charming city for a romantic Valentine’s Day in Italy. Treat your better half to a music dinner in a local restaurant, a beautiful boat ride over the river Tevere or other cosy experiences for the perfect Valentine’s gift.

Interesting activities to do in Italy this Valentine’s Day

Don’t Miss the Evening Gondola Ride in Venice

One of the best things to do while you go on a holiday in Italy is to enjoy an evening Gondola ride with your spouse. The evening ambience coupled with the romantic boat ride will help you enjoy one of the best Valentine’s Day in Italy 2022.

The reason why evening is the time to enjoy this boat ride is because the sun goes down which means the climate gets cool and mellow so that you can cosy up with your better half.

Visit Milan for a Beautiful Hot Air Balloon Flight

Located 35km away from the city, this amazing experience will get your better half star struck. Try going for a private hot air balloon flight instead of the common experiences as that will make your Italy vacation even more romantic.

Valentine's day in Italy 2022

The best part about this experience is that you can savour some amazing salami, lip-smacking wines and cheese in the sky!

Experience Heliskiing

Planning to go on an adventure in Italy? Then you should definitely try Heliskiing. Head over to the Aosta Valley’s Courmayeur which happens to be one of the best spots for skiing and mountaineering in the Alps region.

Once you reach the place you can either start skiing on the amazing slopes of Vallee Blanche or chill in the Chamonix resort with your better half.

Got all the information you need to celebrate one of the best Valentine’s Day in Italy 2022? Now, all you need is an Italy Visa UK so that you can travel to Italy in a hassle-free manner and surprise your better half with a romantic vacation.

Carnival in Venice 2022

Carnival in Venice 2022 – Experience Amazing Festivities

The charming country of Italy is readying itself to host one of the biggest carnivals of the world – Carnival in Venice 2022 from 12th February to 1st March 2022.

The Carnival also known as Carnevale di Venezia attracts thousands of tourists each year to Venice. Ecstatic costumes, unique masks and long parades will decorate the squares and streets.

Want to get an Italy Visa UK so that you can take part in the grand festivities of the Venice Carnival? Before you do that, read on to know all about this amazing event!

Origins of Carnival in Venice 2022

The early references to the carnival that you see today can be found as early as 1094. During this time, there were instances of public celebrations in the last days of Lent.

During this period, the carnival went on for several weeks and consisted of:

  • Fun
  • Amazing Festivity
  • Music
  • Dances
  • Parties

However, the present-day carnival became public in 1296 and gained immense popularity among international audiences in the 18th century. Why so?

Carnival in Venice 2022

Casanova, the famous writer spent most of his life in Venice during the 18th century and he shared his instances of love affairs and wild parties during the time.

There was a brief period of time during which wearing masks was forbidden and the interesting tradition was again restored in 1979.

Highlights of the Carnival in Venice Italy

The Masks & Costumes

Did you know? The Masks & Costumes that you see today were first introduced in the 11th century so that people can hide their difference in status or class.

People even made fun of the aristocracy during that time!

Why was it allowed?

  • To regulate social outburst
  • Maintain Order
  • Maintain Power throughout the rest of the year

Why does the traditional still go on?

The masks and the costumes give a unique feel to the carnival festivities. Some people even go to great lengths to ensure that they stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Carnival in Venice 2022

Want to see the best of costumes? Head over to the St. Mark’s Square in Venice. You might just get a chance to click some amazing pictures with all the locals!

A Wide Range of Unforgettable Events

Ballo del Doge

A beautiful artistic event that offers an unforgettable experience as the guests get to witness spell-binding decorations, artistic shows in which more than 100 performers perform and mouth-watering drinks and culinary delights!

The event will take place in the majestic building of the Scuola Grande della Misericordia on 26th February.

Venice Mascheranda Grand Ball

Another exciting event of the Venice Carnival 2022 is the Grand Ball that will take place on 27th February 2022.

Dress up with the quirkiest of costumes and head over to palazzo Pisani Moretta to experience:

  • Acrobatics & Comedies
  • Exotic Dances
  • Gala Dinner
  • Contemporary and Historical Live Music
  • Animations of the Comici dell’Arte and much more!

Official Venice Carnival Dinner Show & Ball

This out-of-the-world dinner show and the ball will be hosted at the majestic Ca’ Vendramin Calergi Palace.

As of now, the event has not been confirmed yet but hope that it should be confirmed. Why?

You will get to enter a magical dimension where you will witness the attention to detail in every experience offered by the event. This is not just an event but an exclusive experience where you get to enjoy the best of food and party.

Carnival in Venice 2022

From thrilling performances to charming views and a luxurious menu, pamper yourself with the very best that the Venice Carnival 2022 has to offer!

Apart from these, there are many other events like the:

  • Carnival at Palazzetto Pisani
  • Casanova Venice Carnival Mistery Ball
  • Venice Carnival Party Cruise
  • Le Parfum Venice Carnival Ball
  • The Glass Slippers
  • Venetian Style Carnival Pub Crawl and many more!

Now, all you need to do is apply for an Italy Visa UK to take part in the wonderful festivities of the Carnival in Venice Italy.

Festa di Sant’Agata 2022

Festa di Sant’Agata 2022 – A Prominent Tradition of Italy

The ancient yet beautiful port city of Catania is readying itself to host one of the most popular festivals of the world – Festa di Sant’Agata 2022 from 3rd to 5th February.

This amazing festival draws thousands of locals and tourists each year. And with long parades, mesmerizing fireworks, singing and cheering going on, you will certainly feel bamboozled. Not to mention, the tasty gastronomical delights that will tingle your taste buds.

But, what is this festival all about? And should you an Italy Visa UK to take part in this huge festival? Read on to know all about the festival. And by the end of it, you might just be nudged to make a trip to Italy with your friends or family to celebrate the Saint Agata Festival 2022!

What is Festa di Sant’Agata 2022 all about?

As the name implies, this festival is dedicated to the patron saint of the city – Saint Agatha.

She came from a noble family in Catania and at the tender age of 15, she dedicated her life to Christianity. She also made a vow of virginity and rejected many proposals.

And when she rejected the Roman Prefect Quintianus several times, he persecuted her and had her martyred on 5th February, 251.

The first time Festa di Sant’Agata took place was on 17th August 1126 when two soldiers brought back the remains of Saint Agata which were stolen in 1040.

Festa di Sant’Agata 2022

Initially, the festival was a dull affair and was mostly celebrated inside the Cathedral of Catania. However, as time passed and with interesting events that ensued, the festival was accompanied by a popular feast and then processions too!

Highlights of Saint Agata Festival 2022 in Sicily

Don’t Miss the Noon Procession

On 3rd February, the long noon procession starts from the Church of Sant’Agata alla Fornance and it goes up to the Cathedral.

This is where the wax rite offerings take place. Witness beautiful senate carriages, an 18th-century sedan and 11 big candles representing some local guilds in the procession.

At the end of the day, you will also get to see some amazing fireworks in Piazza Duomo.

Take Part in the Dawn Holy Mass

On the 4th of February, after the Holy Mass in the Dawn, the local authorities bring out the bust of Saint Agata from the safe room. People are moved to tears as the early dawn procession begins with screams and religious songs.

Festa di Sant’Agata 2022

The Saint’s relics are brought in a silver carriage and the procession visits some key places like the place where Saint Agatha was martyred then the Sant’Agata al Carcere and a few other places. This procession also ends with a spectacular display of fireworks.

The Peak of the Festival is on the 3rd Day!

The 3rd day of the festival i.e., the 5th of February is when the festival actually gets interesting.

The cart after going through several places leaves the Piazza Duomo to tour the internal parts of the city. The procession will be slow but it will tour some popular places such as:

  • Etnea
  • Piazza Università
  • Piazza Stesicoro
  • Villa Bellini
  • Piazza Cavour

This is where the peak of the festival begins:

A Cord is pulled by thousands of locals and it symbolizes one thing:

If the cord pulling goes well then it will signify that the harvest will be bountiful.

After an intense three days of the festival, you will see happy faces all around as everyone enjoys a wonderful time!

Savor Traditional Culinary Delights

Don’t miss the delicious desserts, sweets and cakes during this festival. One popular delicacy is the piazza Stesicoro which is also known as Saint Agata’s Breasts.

Festa di Sant’Agata 2022

Apart from these, you also get to taste some amazing foods. So, don’t miss them!

Got all the information you need? Now, all you need to do is simply get a Visa for Italy and take part in the exciting Saint Agata festival in Sicily with your friends or family.