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How to Celebrate Christmas in Italy with your Loved Ones?

The festive season is in full swing and one of the biggest festivals of the year, Christmas is just around the corner. So, why not celebrate Christmas in Italy with your friends or family?

Italy boasts of a plethora of traditions, festivities, special markets and much more for locals and tourists. Here is a brief and insightful guide that will help you to Celebrate Christmas in Italy 2021 with your loved ones.

What to do during Christmas Eve?

Christmas Eve i.e., 24th of December is a national holiday in Italy. The public transport is almost non-existent and all the shops are closed for business. Families in Italy take this time to gather together for a special dinner before heading over to midnight mass.

In these dinners, you will find authentic Italian fish-based dishes and a special dessert that goes by the name “Panettone”. If you are staying in Rom then you should head over to the Vatican’s St. Peter’s Square to take part in the Pope’s Christmas mass.

Places to Visit during Christmas time in Italy

Christmas is celebrated with pomp and flair in Italy. So, whichever city you visit, you will witness beautiful decorations, mouth-watering foods, wonderful traditions and spell-binding midnight masses.


The alluring city of Naples turns into a Christmas festivity hotspot with the Nativity scenes (presepi’s) dominating most of the streets or churches. Additionally, you can opt for a Naples traditions tour to explore the best of Naples with your loved ones.


The customary fog during the winters makes Christmas in Venice a must-have experience. You can also explore a myriad of Christmas markets like Laguna and Natale.

Christmas in Italy


The Christmas season in Florence is something that you should experience simply because it is packed with many festivities. Witness the Christmas choir in action or head over to the German Christmas Market to buy yourself some souvenirs.

Popular Christmas markets of Italy

The Cagliari Christmas Expo

Head over to Sardinia Island’s capital city to witness a true Christmas expo. Here, you will get to witness a variety of local products and world-famous gastronomical delights.

Explore the Bologna Christmas market

Want to shop your heart out but don’t want too much of a crowd? Then Bologna is the ideal place for you. Head over to the Fiera di Natale or Fiera di Santa Lucia markets to discover some of the best local offerings during Christmas celebrations.

Italian Christmas foods & Traditions You Shouldn’t Miss

Go for any Feast

Italians have a tradition where they purify their bodies by forgoing meat on Christmas Eve (natively called La Vigllla). After Christmas eve is done, Families gather together and host large feasts (or lunches) for a whole day or more. These feasts feature authentic foods such as sweet bread with raisins (panettone) and pasta cooked in stock (pasta in brood). You can also try out traditional Hanukkah foods such as mashed potato pancakes (frittelle di patate), fried sweet dough (frittelle del Chanuka), fried chicken marinated in a variety of spices (Pollo fritto) and many more.

Don’t Miss the Presepe Tradition

The Christmas nativity scene of the Preseppe tradition can be found in most Italian cities. The word literally means crib which was first created in 1223 CE by Saint Francis of Assissi. Italy boasts of almost 100 Presepe exhibitions with more than 200 nativity scenes created by artists from all around Italy.

Christmas in Italy

So, what are you waiting for? Simply grab an Italy Visa and visit in Italy during Christmas to experience true Christmas festivities with your friends or family.