Home Festival Venice 2022

Home Festival Venice 2022 – A Wholesome Music Festival of Italy

Annually hosted in Treviso, a city in northern Italy, Home Festival Venice 2022 has relocated to the more well-known city of Venice.

With a decade of festivities under its belt, the festival has taken its name in honour of Venice as it enters its second decade and continues to grow with the help of local artists and cultural organizations.

Dates of the Music Festival – 8th to 10th July 2022

Acclaimed acts such as Aphex Twin, Pusha T, Editors, LP, and Mura Masa have recently been featured, along with an abundance of innovative Italian musicians.

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Why is Home Festival Venice 2022 Popular?

Feel at home in Venice for three days this July at the Home Music and Culture Festival!

“Home Venice Festival steals the global Zeitgeist and brings it to Italy,” the festival’s promoters say. It’s an atmosphere, not simply a celebration; we’re working hard to give everyone a taste of that fabled “once in a lifetime” feeling.

Treviso, Italy hosts the annual Home Festival every summer.

As a massive airport to the east of the city is transformed into a musical refuge, the festival has become one of the most prestigious in the country, boasting lineups packed with internationally recognized musicians.

Over the course of four days, Home serves as a showcase for established and emerging Italian musical talent, with stages hosted by local radio stations and promoters.

Home Festival Venice Tickets 2022

Currently, the organizers of the Home Festival in Venice haven’t released any updates about the tickets.

However, you can join their mailing list to get more information about the same.

In addition to that, you can get in touch with the organizers at ( to find more information about tickets and other important details.

Home Festival Venice Lineup 2022

Looking at the past lineup of Home Festival, we can have a brief idea about what to expect for the upcoming event in Venice.

Some of the headliners of the previous editions of the festival:

  • Aphex Twin

Aphex Twin (real name Richard D. James), one of the most mysterious and highly acclaimed performers of the last 30 years, deserves his place in the electronic music equivalent of the Hall of Fame.

There is no category large enough to contain Aphex Twin’s music, which influenced a new wave of ambient techno and IDM composers.

By releasing the landmark Selected Ambient Works 85-92 in 1992, James ensured his position in musical history by anticipating the direction in which music would go for the next decade and a half.

Since then, he has come and gone from the public glare, often declining to participate in interviews or the standard industry circuit. His mysterious demeanour, however, has only served to increase interest in him.

  • Pusha T

Born and raised in the Bronx, Pusha T is a multi-talented American in the music industry as a rapper, songwriter, and producer.

He and his brother Gene Thornton (No Malice) eventually settled in Virginia Beach. Clipse, a hip-hop group he formed with his brother and helped Pharrell Williams promote, was signed to Electra Records.

Due to the album’s failure, the duo was eventually dropped. They followed that up by releasing three more albums through major record labels.

Apart from these, other headliners include Lp, Paul Kalkbrenner, Mura Musa, John Hopkins, Editors and many more.

These were the headliners! But, there were many more artists who performed at the Home Festival.

Some of those artists were Rival Sons, Franco 126, Ensi, Verano, Anastasio, Sick Luke and many more.

Common Tips for Tourists Planning to Travel to Italy

How to Reach the Festival Venue?

The festival venue is located in Venice’s Parco San Guiliano which happens to boast a huge 182-acre area.

You can land at the Marco Polo Airport of Venice followed by a 5 minutes journey via bus to reach the Orlando San Giuliano.


You’ll come across multiple accommodation options in the Parco San Guiliano area like:

  • The Hilton
  • Hotel Venezia
  • Antony Hotel
  • Hotel Primavera
  • Russott Hotel
  • Camping areas and more.

Attractions near Parco San Guiliano festival

  1. Mark’s Square

The splendour of St. Mark’s Basilica, the height of the Campanile, and the Gothic style of the Doge’s Palace all combine to make the St. Mark’s Square the most impressive place in all of Venice. For over a thousand years, this bustling square has been the heart of Venetian society. The area is lined with cafés and shops under a colonnaded arcade, where you may relax with a drink and take in the square’s most notable architecture.

El Piazza is the local name for the huge plaza in busy Venice. The piazza’s allure shifts throughout the day, so it’s best to visit at different times. Experience the vibrant hues of the morning, the excitement of the day, and the serenity of the twilight.

The lofty arches, gilded and marble decor, and carved figures of the 11th-century St. Mark’s Basilica (Basilica di San Marco) façade command attention. The Campanile, the bell tower that is the symbol of Venice, is located to its right. Visit the top of the Torre dell’Orologio or just wait for the bell to toll on the hour. After more than 500 years of tradition, two bronze figures still ring the bells every day.

  1. Rialto Bridge

Look up as you turn the corner at the fish market on the Grand Canal in a Vaporetto (water bus) or gondola, and you’ll see one of Venice’s most famous landmarks. Ponte di Rialto, often known as the Rialto Bridge, has been a landmark in Venice since the 16th century.

It’s easily recognizable thanks to its V-shaped architecture and its towering stone arcades and balustrades, from which onlookers may watch the gondoliers glide along the canal below.


Antonio Da Ponte, whose name is also a bridge, built the covered Rialto Bridge (Antonio of the Bridge).

Da Ponte won the contract to build it by outbidding Michelangelo, the more well-known sculptor of the two. The Rialto Bridge blends function and aesthetics, and it was built to replace one that had been there since the late 12th century.

Ships can pass beneath the bridge’s 24-foot (7.5-meter) arch, and the bridge’s symmetrical arches and elevated centre peak have made it a cultural landmark. This is probably the most famous of Venice’s about 400 bridges that link the city’s islands.

  1. Grand Canal

The Grand Canal is an S-shaped waterway that runs through the heart of Venice. The splashing of oars from gondolas plying the city’s canals has been a constant sound for ages. Few sidewalks run along the canal, and the backs of the buildings in the Floating City drop precipitously into the water, taking a ride in a gondola almost mandatory.

Taking a Vaporetto is the most convenient and up-to-date way to visit the Grand Canal and the major sights in the surrounding area (water bus). Take a traghetto, a standing-only ferry, for a quick crossing.

These make Venice one of the top tourist attractions in Italy. And with the Home Festival Venice 2022 about to take place in the charming location, you can always take some time to visit these beautiful attractions after the festival is over.

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I-days festival 2022

I-days festival 2022 – A Rock & Pop Music Fest in Italy

Milan, Italy will be hosting the annual I-Days Festival 2022, which primarily features a mix of rock and pop music genres.

Is there a name that springs to mind when you think about rock’s current heavyweights and longtime legends?

From Aerosmith to Imagine Dragons, Foo Fighters and more rock royalty will visit ‘Bella Italia’ in 2022 as a result of I-Days!

Official Dates of the Event – 9th to 12th June 2022

There are a few major attractions why I-Days has been popular for the past twenty years. And when you visit the actual venue of the festival, you’ll understand why 80,000 festival-goers keep coming back for the iconic rock songs and the sun-kissed festivities.

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History of the I-Days Festival 2022

The I-Days Festival, originally named the Independent Days Festival, was founded in Bologna in 1999.

Milan, Italy, hosts this music festival every year in the summer. Punk was the theme of the first edition of the festival, which has been held annually since 1999. It has, nonetheless, gained in popularity over time and become a mainstream event.

What Makes I-Day Festival 2022 Popular?

A Star-studded I-days festival lineup 2022

I Days are known for bringing in both well-known acts and up-and-coming talent each year. Previously, its hosted renowned artists including Linkin Park, Blink 182, Green Day, and Sum 41.

It was held in Milan for the 2009 and 2018 editions and in Monza, a suburb of Milan, for the 2016 edition.

Deftones, Limp Bizkit and Muse are just a few of the notable acts that have graced the festival’s stage over its long history. Among other artists are Queens of the Stone Age, Arcade Fire, Radiohead, The Killers and Liam Gallagher!

A Beautiful Venue

The Snaitech-designed Ippodromo Milano Trenno is a new venue located in the ancient San Siro Hippodrome equestrian centre (Ippodromo Snai San Siro).

The area is ideal for large-scale music festivals and gatherings in an urban setting surrounded by vegetation.

I-Days Festival Tickets 2022

You will need to visit the official website of the event to get your tickets. Click here to book your tickets for the event –

There are different types of tickets namely:

  1. Single Seat Ticket:
  • 9th June – 40 Euros (excluding pre-sale fee)
  • 11th June – 60 Euros (excluding pre-sale fee)
  • 15th June – 55 Euros (excluding pre-sale fee)
  1. Pit Gold Ticket:
  • 9th June – 50 Euros (excluding pre-sale fee)
  • 11th June – 80 Euros (excluding pre-sale fee)
  • 15th June – 65 Euros (excluding pre-sale fee)
  1. VIP Pack 1 –
  • 9th June – 157 Euros (excluding pre-sale fee)
  • 11th June – 180 Euros (excluding pre-sale fee)
  • 15th June – 175 Euros (excluding pre-sale fee)

The services include:

  • A single PIT GOLD ticket will be issued.
  • Early admission
  • 1 complimentary drink
  • Souvenir Pass (Laminated)
  1. VIP Pack 2 –
  • 9th June – 312 Euros (excluding pre-sale fee)
  • 11th June – 335 Euros (excluding pre-sale fee)

The services include:

  • One PIT ticket is booked in a reserved section near the stage for one person (super PIT)
  • Complimentary Parking
  • A €30.00 coupon to be used at the event’s official merchandise points Enhanced aperitif
  • Souvenir Pass (Laminated)
  • Package purchasers have access to a separate bathroom.
  • Access to a personal concierge at all times.

Important Information for Travelers

Reschedules due to Covid-19

  • The festival’s 2020 date was initially pushed back to 2021 and then rescheduled for 2022 because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • First slated for June 13, 2020, and then delayed for June 11, 2021, Aerosmith’s was finally postponed to June 10, 2022.
  • First slated for June 13, 2020, and then delayed for June 11, 2021, Aerosmith’s was finally postponed to June 10, 2022.
  • It has been confirmed that the Foo Fighters concert, originally slated for June 14, 2020, but then moved to June 12, 2021, will take place on June 12, 2022.
  • On June 10, 2021, System of a Down was supposed to play a show originally set for June 12, 2020, however it was cancelled.

How to Reach the Festival Venue?

The I Days Festival may be easily accessible by automobile or public transportation, depending on where it takes place.

It’s not uncommon for past locations to be within walking distance of a metro station or to have a large nearby parking lot that’s organized specifically for festival guests over the weekend. So, it is advised that you plan your trip to the festival venue and accommodations accordingly.

There are around 900 metres between San Siro Stadio and the nearest Metro stop on Line M5 of the Milan Subway System. The bus stop is in Via Pinerolo Civ. 76, on Line 78, is the closest and only a few tens of metres away.

If you’re travelling from outside the city, you’ll need to travel by train to Milano Centrale and after that, you can connect to the other lines, which are reasonably easy to arrange.

Accommodations near the I-Days Festival 2022

In Milan, you can choose from a variety of wonderful neighbourhoods in which to stay, but your final decision will be influenced by the location of the I-Days event.

However, if you’d like a head start in figuring out where to stay, peruse our list of the best suggestions.

After the festival is over, festival-goers looking to party into the night can head to Navigli, Milan’s party zone.

A student-friendly neighbourhood, Brera has cafes, art galleries, and markets that are ideal for those who only plan to attend one day of the festival but still want to enjoy the rest of the weekend in the city.

Finally, Milan’s Centro Storico is the city’s most popular tourist destination. Since the M1 and M3 metro lines run through this neighbourhood, it’s an excellent choice for tourists looking to see the city and move around effortlessly.

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Milano Summer Festival 2022 – A Must-Visit Music Event in Italy

The gorgeous city of Milan, Italy hosts an annual music festival called the Milano Summer Festival 2022. In June and July, the Ippodromo San Siro hosts renowned EDM and heavy metal artists, delivering a variety of sensory & musical experiences to one of Europe’s most gorgeous cities.

Milano Summer Festival debuted in Italy in 2017 with performances by Arcade Fire, Major Lazer, Kings of Leon, and other prominent musicians.

This time around, performers, bands and artists like Aerosmith and Green Day will contribute to a considerably heavier atmosphere surrounding the overall lineup. In addition, Kendrick Lamar, The Chemical Legends, and Tame Impala will offer some amazing musical versatility to the entire festival.

Official Dates of the Festival – 7th June to 17th July 2022

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Before you do that, read our concise festival guide to learn everything there is to know about the thrilling music event.

Milano Summer Festival 2022 Lineup

Aerosmith, Green Day, Kendrick Lamar, Alice Cooper, The Chemical Brothers, and many other renowned artists will perform as headliners at the thrilling Milano Summer Festival 2022.

“The Milano Summer Festival will have an amazing lineup” according to the festival’s organizers.

Korn, The Killers, Brunori Sas, Ozuna, Achille Lauro, Caparezza, and The Kid Laroi, among others, will be among the musicians and artists who will be performing live at the festival.

Milano summer festival 2022

Tickets for Milano Summer Festival 2022 Milan

The official website for purchasing Milano Festival tickets is

Tickets are priced in accordance with the performer and the ambience of the vent.

Consequently, ticket prices will range from 23 to 80-100 euros. Some that were initially scheduled had to be rescheduled or cancelled. This information is available in the link mentioned above.

The following are the ticket prices for the Milano Summer Festival’s headliners:

Korn – tickets start at 48 Euros (7th June 2022)

Kendrick Lamar – tickets start at 80 Euros (23rd June 2022)

Alice Cooper – tickets start at 46 Euro (29th June 2022)

The Kid Laroi – tickets start at 40 Euros (12th July 2022)

Important Details about Milano summer festival 2022

Changes to the Schedule

The event brings together some of the world’s most famous musicians from a variety of musical genres, such as rock, electronic dance music, jazz, blues, heavy metal, and more.

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the 2020 and 2021 Milano Summer Festivals have been cancelled.

The concert by Green Day, first slated for 10 June 2020 and subsequently postponed to 16 June 2021, has now been rescheduled for 15 June 2022. Weezer has been confirmed as Green Day’s special guest in Milan. Tickets previously purchased for this event will be valid for the new date in Milan.

Milano summer festival 2022

Due to the pandemic scenario, the Thom Yorke concert originally scheduled for July 9, 2020, and subsequently rescheduled for July 8, 2021, at Lorenzini District in Milan had to be cancelled.

In the northwest section of the city, the Ippodromo del Galoppo di San Siro is a racetrack that is in close proximity to the stadiums of world-famous teams Internazionale and A.C. Milan.

The 1920s-era and 1975-rebuilt San Siro Racetrack has the potential for designation as a national monument. The location designated for live concerts and equestrian sports, Piazzale dello Sport, is easily accessible on the outskirts of Milano.

There are numerous alternative ways to go to Italy and visit the Milano Summer Festival location. Among them are the following:

  1. By Plane

  2. If you choose to go to Italy, we recommend travelling to Milan Airport, which is served by multiple airlines.

    Air travel’s CO2 emissions are damaging to the environment. You may offset your carbon footprint by donating to climate conservation projects.

  3. Railway

  4. The most environmentally friendly means of transportation is the train. Utilize the Milan train connections for this. The Ippodromo San Siro is in close proximity.

    Some festivals provide shuttle service from the train station to the festival grounds and back again. Please inquire on the festival’s homepage or social media channels.

  5. By Car

  6. Piazzale dello Sport 16, 20151 Milan is the address for arrivals by car or rental car (Italy).

    Before attending, please check the event’s website or social media channels for updates on parking availability. Some festivals require an additional parking pass in addition to the regular pass.

  7. Campers

    Piazzale dello Sport 16, 20151 Milan is the place for vehicle and RV/camper arrivals.

    Check the event’s website or social media outlets for updates on the availability of motorhome parking spots prior to your arrival. At a number of festivals, motorhomes must purchase an additional ticket in addition to the standard admission.

    The Milano Summer Festival organizers have teamed with Stay22 to present you with all available lodging options (hotels, flats, hostels, etc.) near the Festival Venue. The package includes industry leaders such as, Expedia, and Fewo-direkt and ensures the lowest price available online. The pricing is equivalent to or better than those on a budget hotel or travel website.

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Rome Summer Festival 2022

Rome Summer Festival 2022 – A Two-Month Music Extravaganza

Rome Summer Fest 2022, one of the city’s premier music festivals, takes place each summer in a beautiful setting – The Renzo Piano’s Cavea of Auditorium Parco della Musica.

Throughout the summer, Roma Summer Fest hosts live concerts including the finest Italian and worldwide rock, pop, and jazz singers and songwriters.

Roma Summer Fest Italy 2022 will feature some renowned artists such as the British songwriter Michael Kiwanuka, who will perform live on 16th July, and the legendary Simple Minds, who will perform live on 17th July as part of their “40 Years of Hits Tour”.

Apart from this, many other popular artists will be performing live in the two-month long summer festival!

Official Dates of the Event – 10th June to 6th August

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Why is Rome Summer Festival 2022 So Popular?

Roma Summer Fest is a popular summer music event hosted by the Musica per Roma Foundation in the world’s only Renzo Piano-designed Auditorium, Parco della Musica.

Over two months of live concerts including the biggest Italian and international rock and pop singers, jazz and original music pioneers. For the amount and quality of the offerings in a short period of time, Rome Summer Fest is without a doubt one of the most important festivals in the world, having hosted global tour debuts in recent years.

To date, about one million fans have seen concerts featuring Elton John, Sting, Bjork, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan and many other world-famous artists.

The Venue is a One-of-a-Kind Structure

The Auditorium Parco della Musica, built by Renzo Piano and inaugurated on December 21, 2002, is a collection of halls devoted to music in particular and to art in general. The Cavea is an open-air amphitheatre located at the Auditorium’s core that seats up to 3,000 people.

Rome Summer Festival 2022

A Grand Rome Summer Fest 2022 Lineup

The Roma Summer Fest returns, a summer music event hosted by the Musica per Roma Foundation in the world’s only Renzo Piano-designed venue, the Auditorium Parco della Musica. Two months of live concerts including the best Italian and worldwide rock and pop singers, jazz greats, and composers, culminating in a season of great music at the Cavea.


Following a four-year hiatus and a global epidemic, the Berlin trio returns to the Auditorium Parco della Musica with a new show. The Rome Summer Fest’s 2022 edition will be inaugurated by Gernot Bronsert, Sebastian Szary, and Sascha Ring, alias MODERAT.

Paolo Conte

A must-see performance featuring Paolo Conte’s seductive charm and unique vocal timbre supported by an orchestral group of eleven great players. The singer-most songwriter’s popular songs are featured on the programme, which will be played in the magnificent setting of the Parco della Musica: “Hemingway,” “Under the stars of jazz,” and the unpublished “El Greco.”

Michael Kiwanuk

Following the Covid-19 health issue that prompted the artist to delay his tour, Michael Kiwanuka, the English musician of Ugandan ancestry and undisputed soulman, comes to Rome on July 16, 2022, as part of the Rome Summer Fest.

The musician, who has collaborated with Adele and Danger Mouse, has received multiple nominations for the Brit Awards, MTV Europe Music Awards, Mercury Prize, and BBC Music Awards, and is now regarded as one of international soul’s best performers.

Simple Minds

Simple Minds return to Rome Summer Fest 2022 as part of their “40 Years of Hits Tour.” Even their most recent albums continue to generate considerable popular interest. The originally scheduled “Simple Minds” concerts in Rome’s Auditorium Parco della Musica on 15 July 2020 and 13 July 2021 have been rescheduled for 17 July 2022.

Tickets purchased in the past will be valid for the new date.

Carmen Consoli

Carmen Consoli returns to the Auditorium as a special guest of the Rome Summer Fest. With a new tour, the artist is ready to reclaim the live scene. After selling out consecutively with his most recent theatrical tour, which captivated audiences with its unique separation into three acts, he now deepens each act and converts it into a concert in and of itself, with fresh atmospheres and sounds ranging from rock to acoustic to electronic.

Apart from these, there are many other renowned local, national and international artists who will performing live during the two-month-long music extravaganza.

Rome Summer Fest tickets 2022

Tickets for the Roma Summer Fest start from 35 Euros and go all the way to 100-200 Euros. You need to buy a separate ticket for each event.

Some notable music performances from Simple Minds, MODERAT and Paolo Conte are a must-visit.

Rome Summer Festival 2022

For more details, check here –

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How to spend summer in Italy

How to Spend Summer in Italy – A Holidaymaker’s Guide

Wondering how to spend summer in Italy? Worry not, for we have got you covered. The following comprehensive article will help you with some incredible ways to spend summer in Italy like locals living in apartments and rentals.

The month of August is considered summer in Italy by Italians. While many

Italians take the entire month of August off, the traditional summer vacation of

Ferragosto, which dates back to Emperor Augustus, lasts from August 15 to

September 1. This is the time of the year when the best restaurants, as well as many shops and small family-run enterprises, close their doors for the vacation.

It’s a great opportunity to escape away from the tourist traps in the city centres and rent an apartment in a neighborhood like Milan’s Navigli, which will be bustling with locals. What’s holding you back then? apply for Italy Visa today to spend a memorable summer in Italy with your loved ones.

When you’re ready for a serene beach vacation, skip the Cinque Terre, Portofino, Positano, and the Amalfi Coast and head to Calabria, Puglia, Sardinia, and the quieter cities on the Italian Lakes, where Italians flock.

Top-Notch 5 ways to Spend Summer in Italy

Go for a walk in Südtirol.

The Dolomites aren’t the highest Alps peaks, but they’re certainly the most magnificent ones – studded with limestone slabs worn into vertical cliffs, rising abrupt from a forested valley floor. If you go for a summer hike in their shade, you’ll discover a part of Italy unlike any other: mesmerizing Alpine grasslands ablaze with wildflowers and grazing cattle. You get to follow the trails of Val di Funes – where the Odle mountains loom menacingly over the beautiful chapel of Santa Maddelena. All that it takes to explore the enthralling beauty of Südtirol is an Italy Visa UK.

Take a scenic drive along the Amalfi Coast.

Italy is known for treating even B-roads as if they were Silverstone. Many people are scared of driving in Italy because of this rather unjust stereotype, which is a myth, the reason being – the Italian roads are home to some of Europe’s best road journeys. The lauded Amalfi Coast Drive offers a breathtaking 35-mile route along the coast of the Sorrento Peninsula.

How to spend summer in Italy

The hairpin corners and nerve-wracking cliff-edge slaloms of this drive bring out every motorist’s inner adrenaline driver. You’ll pass by the verdant hills rising from a warm sea, fishing communities built at 45-degree angles, and historic monasteries perched high on cliffs along the way. No wonder why Amalfi coast has been on the top of the bucket list of the adrenaline junkies forever.

Discover the tranquil side of the Italian Lakes

Buying or renting a villa along the lakes implies you have made it successfully to Italian society. To relate, have a look at Italian history. Numerous villas of Roman dignitaries and the spectacular palaces of the Milanese aristocracy were built beside the waters of Lake Como with the snow-capped Alps rising above it.

On your upcoming visit to Italy, consider exploring Lake Mergozzo, which is a puddle compared to Garda and Como but is unquestionably more serene, with no speedboats and swans occasionally outnumbering people.  And to extract the most of this visit, climb the peaceful hillside paths behind the village for views of beautiful Lake Maggiore on the horizon.  Discover and explore the pastel-coloured cottages nestled around a natural amphitheatre on the northern coast of this village.

Locate a secluded beach on the coast of Sardinia.

Sardinia’s beaches are fairly quiet for the majority of the year. However, every summer they are visited by a large number of beach lovers and transform into Italy’s premier sunbathing destination. Many of the best Italian beaches, by some miracle, are also the quietest and most serene in the world. You can set out for the Golfo di Orosei with your loved ones, halfway up the east coast, to escape the crowds. This magical coast of Sardinia has enormous cliffs that rise from the sea, ringed in by peaceful beaches, some of which can only be reached by boat that departs at Cala Gonone.

Relish the Sicilian Ice Cream

In Italy, eating ice cream is an art form: the Italians are experts in gracefully devouring the cone without dropping a bomb of frozen goo. In Bologna, there is also an ice cream university. It may come as a surprise, though, that the frozen dessert was not invented by Italians.

How to spend summer in Italy

According to legend, Arab conquerors brought the notion to Europe via Sicily in the 9th century, as a method to cool off on hot summer days. Taormina, the mediaeval east-coast town long known as a seaside retreat for aristocracy and monarchs, has borne this love affair fruitfully for a thousand years.

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Cinque Terre Travel

Cinque Terre Travel – 5 Wonderful Things to do in Cinque

Fancy coastal sceneries, beautiful villages and charming viewpoints? Well, Cinque Terre offers all of these and more!

Located on the rugged Italian Riviera Coastline, Cinque boasts of 5 exquisite towns that feature colourful houses, steep terraces, mouth-watering gastronomical delights and much more!

Want to travel to Italy to experience this beautiful tourist destination? Then read on to know some of the best things that you can do in Cinque Terre.

5 Stunning Things to do during your Cinque Terre Travel

Explore Cinque by foot or train

When you visit in Cinque Terre you will either have to travel on foot or take a train to visit a nearby town. Since the entire area is hilly you won’t get public transport. However, getting around the Cinque is pretty easy.

Cinque Terre Travel

If you go on foot you will get to experience some of the most enjoyable walks and hikes. Not to mention the wonderful views and places that you couldn’t visit by train. However, if you are on a tight schedule then it is better to take a train. The best part about this is that you can easily visit the next town in a few minutes.

Visit Portovenere

Portovenere is a little off-beat tourist attraction that you shouldn’t miss. Why?

This quaint place was accorded the status of UNESCO World Heritage Protection. Try visiting this stunning place on a Monday if you are a shopaholic.

The best time to visit this beautiful place is during August when the locals celebrate the Madonna Bianca Festival. Witness the entire place getting lit up with Roman torches!

Experience Santuario di Nostra Signora di Montenero

Santuario di Nostra Signora di offers some of the best views of Cinque Terre. Yes, you will need to walk/hike up to the viewpoints. There is a bus service that can drop you off at Telegrafo. From here you need to hike downhill. But, one or the other way, when you reach the viewpoint all your tiredness will vanish when you witness some of the best views of Cinque Terre.

Cinque Terre Travel

Relish delicious food at Nessun Dorma

The Nessun Dorma of Manarola isn’t just a place that offers tasty delights but you can also learn to cook authentic local delights like the Pesto. Now you might think that cooking is boring. But, on the contrary, the chefs at Nessun Dorma make the entire training session a fun experience.

Enjoy sunset at some of the best spots in Cinque Terre

Since Cinque Terre is a hilly terrain, it offers a wide range of viewpoints from where you can enjoy the best views of the sunset. Places like Corniglia, Stella Marina Beach or the trail to the statue of St. Francesco. Sip on your favourite beverage and watch the sunset for a romantic evening with your better half.

Cinque Terre Travel

These are 5 stunning things that you can do when you visit in Cinque Terre. Now, all you need to do is apply for an Italy Visa online and take your family or friends to this beautiful place to make memories for life!