Ypsigrock Festival 2021

Ypsigrock Festival 2021 – Celebrating Indie-Rock Music

Italy is well-known for its contribution to Architecture, Fashion, Art, Opera, Literature, Film, Design & now Music too!

Italy’s Sicily is preparing itself to host one of the first & most exciting post-pandemic festivals called Ypsigrock Festival 2021.

What is this festival all about? What kind of music will be featured in this fest? Read to know all about this exciting music festival!

Origins of Ypsigrock Festival 2021

The Ypsigrock Festival can be traced back to the year 1997. Although the beginnings were humble the festival quickly gained prominence and is now regarded as one of the most suggestive European Boutique festivals.

For addicted indie-rock lovers, the Ypsigrock Festival is heaven. Due to the pandemic, the organizers gave the title Little but Needed to the hugely popular music festival.

This amazing festival hosted some of the world’s best artists such as Daughter, Mogwai, Editors, Savages, Primal Scream & many more.

With a wonderful ambiance, a charming location & crazy music fans, the Ypsigrock Festival 2021 is bound to make you groove!

Ypsigrock Festival 2021

Line Up for Ypsigrock Festival 2021 in Sicily

The 24th edition of this amazing festival will feature some world-renowned artists like:

  • Asgeir – Belongs to Iceland and is a member of the Ásgeir Trausti Band, The Lovely Lion
  • Iosonouncane – Belongs to Italy and was a member of the Adharma

Apart from these, you can also get to enjoy live performances from other amazing artists such as:

  • Dardust
  • Pongo
  • COMA
  • Camilla Sparksss
  • Kristin Sesselja

Venue of the Ypsigrock Festival 2021

This iconic festival will be held in the inner heart of Sicily. You will come across stunning stages nestled all around the spell-binding Sicilian mountain town of Castelbuono.

In addition to that, the main stage will be located inside an enthralling square whereas other performances will be done at the Castle of Castelbuono Amphitheatre & the second stage located at the Piazza San Francesco.

On the other hand, Sicily is a wonderful vacation destination which boasts of amazing views so you won’t enjoy music but nature too!

Ypsigrock Festival 2021

Dates & Tickets for Ypsigrock Music Festival in Sicily

  • Dates

The amazing indie-rock festival will be held from 5th to 8th August 2021.

  • Tickets

In view of the pandemic any tickets purchased last year i.e., 2020 (via Christmas Box, LiveTicket & Dice) remain fully valid.

Due to the pandemic guidelines, one-day tickets are not being sold anymore. However, the 4-day pass memberships are still being offered which are a bang for buck deal.

The ticket price is 89 Euros plus some taxes for adults whereas, for Children aged 6-12, the ticket price is 10 Euros plus taxes.

The ticket offers general access to the festival (for adults & children above 16). For children below 16, there will be some restrictions that you can easily check out on the website.

Accommodations near Ypsigrock Festival 2021 Venue

The camping provisions have been removed for the 24th edition owing to the pandemic.

However, you can easily book some affordable accommodation options such as:

  • Paradiso Delle Madonie – takes 1 minute to reach the venue
  • Ypsilhome – takes 2 minutes to reach the venue
  • Studio via Mustafa – 0.7 km
  • Villa Calagioli – 1 km

Ypsigrock Festival 2021

All these properties offer amazing amenities and beautiful views so when you are planning to book a good hotel, check out these options!

So, what is holding you back? Simply grab your Visa for Italy and head over to Sicily to enjoy music and nature with your loved ones.