Visa Type Consulate VISA FEE (IN GBP) Visa Center Fee in GBP Our Handling Charges In GBP Total Online Payable (Visa Fee + Our Charges)
Tourism/Visitor/ Family & Friends/Business £69 £14 £218 £232
Family member of EEA/EU citizen £69 £14 £218 £232
Long stay Single/Multiple Entry £77 £14 £218 £232
Children between 6 and 12 years old £34 £14 £218 £232
Children less than 6 years old £0 £14 £218 £232

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Do you require a Visa?

If you are not an EU national or British citizen then you require a Italy Visa. Italy Schengen Visa holder can travel any of the 24-26 Schengen countries check the list of Schengen countries below.

Italy Visa Processing Time

Visa processing time depends upon nationality for certain nationals the visa processing time take around 12-15 working days after the bio-metrics. Check the list below.