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Along with shopping enjoy street food in Italy

If you are traveling to Italy in terms of enjoying the food then one of the best ways to eat in Italy is to visit and shop at a local market. In Italy from South to North and through the whole width of this place, outdoor markets overflow. Taste the real taste of local culture while watching the bustling shoppers banter with bubbling vendors. You should not forget the food! Seasonal fruits and veggies, farm-made cheeses, fresh fish and meats, and local wine called Mamma mia! Street food in Italy is very common as in Italy the best food is found on the streets of markets. Every city in Italy has a special street or food market, we have mentioned them below:

Mercato Albinelli, Modena

Bologna and Modena were enemies in the past and are neighbors with a passion for food today. You can especially buy Balsamic vinegar and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. Chiara and Sara make the best sandwich in Modena at their Bar Schiavoni.

Mercato Sant’Ambrogio, Firenze

It is less famous than its brother San Lorenzo, but for sure more alive. It is an indoor market far from the aprons with Michelangelo’s David. You should not miss buying bistecca (the steak). You can get the best street food Italy of Firenze: Panino at lampredotto in a food truck called Pollini parked just outside the market.

Street Food in Italy

Piazza Campo Del Palio (Asti, Piedmont)

Especially on Wednesday and Saturday morning, you can head to the Campo del Palio in Asti for Piemonte’s largest Street food in Italy. You can find the specialties and seasonal produce of the region in this market. You can even enjoy the bareback Palio Horse race if you come on the third Saturday of September.

Antique Market (Arezzo, Tuscany)

After the name, even if you can’t eat the antiques spread through Arezzo’s streets on the first Sunday of every month, a trip to this market can be more than satisfactory for you.

Ballaro Market (Palermo, Sicily)

It is as close to the raucous vibes of an African souq that you can get in Europe, the Ballaro Market could be the quintessential Sicilian experience. Taste the pane e paneled, chickpea dough deep-fried with eggplant, served on bread.

Street Food in Italy

Fish market (Gallipoli, Puglia)

As said while in Rome do as Romans do, just like that when in Puglia do as Puglisi’s do. Gallipoli is a small sun-drench town into the Ionian Sea side of Italy’s heel, it is surrounded by cerulean waters, and it catches some of the best fish in those parts and offers it up every morning near the port.

Plan your travel to Italy with your friends and family to enjoy the street food in Italy once in a lifetime, it will for sure be your best experience. Apply for Italy visa before your travel plan and once you get it make a list of things to do and explore in Italy.