Tourist Visa for Spouse or dependent

Any European citizen living in the UK with a valid residency permit can apply for a spouse visa in the UK to join their spouse in Italy. It can also be referred to as a family reunion visa.

What are the Spouse Tourist Visa Requirements for Italy?

Required documents for Italy tourist visa from UK for joining your spouse are as follows:

  1. Italy tourist visa application form, completely filled and duly signed.

  2. Two recent photographs, taken within the three months according to the following Italy Schengen visa photograph requirements.

    • Two identical photos that are no older than six months.

    • 35x45mm size.

    • The photo needs to be in colour and have a light background.

    • The candidate must look straight in the camera with closed mouth, neutral facial expressions.

    • Uniforms and outfits that matches with the background should be avoided.

  3. A valid passport with the following requirements:

    • Issued in the last 10 years.

    • Must have 2 blank pages for visa stamp.

    • After you return to UK from Italy, it should be valid for at least three months.

    • Previous passports with visa stamps (if any).

  4. Round-way flight ticket or an all-inclusive itinerary. Flight numbers and dates of your arrival and departure from Italy must be listed on your ticket. In addition to providing comprehensive advice, we can take care of almost all of your Italy visa UK needs, including hotel and travel itinerary arrangements.

  5. Original and copy of UK residence permit valid for at least one month after coming back from Italy.

  6. Travel insurance policy that certifies you have travel health insurance for travel across the Schengen area covering at least 30,000 for medical emergencies including poor health, accidents & even repatriation in the event of death. We can provide you the best travel medical insurance for any Schengen country visa.

  7. Accommodation proof that gives all the details of your stay in Italy in an easy-to-read manner. In this case one of the following possibilities applies:

    • Hotel or hostel booking.

    • Invitation letter from spouse with whom you will spend your holidays.

  8. Financial evidence demonstrating your ability to support yourself throughout your time in Italy. One of the following documents must be submitted:

    • Bank statement which displays that you have sufficient funds in your account for your trip. The statement cannot be more than three months old.

    • A sponsorship letter from your partner confirming that they will cover the cost of your travel to Italy. For this letter to be accepted, it must be sent along with your spouse’s bank statement, which should not be more than three months old.

    • A combination of the above mentioned Visa documents.

  9. Original marriage certificate and copy either in English or Italian.

  10. Cover letter describing the reason for your trip to Italy.

How to Apply for Tourist Visa UK for Spouse?

To apply for Italy visa from UK with us, follow these easy steps:

  1. Fill VFS Italian visa application form.

  2. Pay the spouse visa UK fees online securely.

  3. Get next day spouse Italy visa appointment.

  4. Visit the visa centre with all your documents.

  5. Submit documents & provide your biometrics.

  6. Receive Passport & visa directly through VFS via courier or collect it yourself, based on the delivery mode you selected at the time of your visa application submission.

How long Does it take to get Italy Visa from UK for Spouse?

The spouse tourist visa processing time varies depending on the country you belong to and the duration of your stay, for example, whether you are applying for a long-stay or short-stay Italy visa. Short-stay visa processing time generally varies between 7-8 working days, and long-stay Italy visa London takes around 8-15 working days. For some nationalities, it may take up to 15 days. 

What is the Validity of Spouse Visa for Italy from UK?

The validity of a Spouse visa to Italy from the UK depends on several factors, such as whether you are applying for the first time or you already had multiple Schengen visas in the past. A spouse visa is often granted for up to three months to two years or even longer. However, the longest time that you are permitted to stay in a single visit is 90 days.