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8 Top Activities and Things to do in Siena, Italy

Travelers are drawn to Siena, a mesmerizing city in the Tuscany area of central Italy by its timeless appeal. Extensive history and impressive architecture are also its famous draws. You should take your time in order to plan your ideal visit as there are so many fascinating things to do here.

One of the most picturesque cities in all of Italy is undoubtedly Siena which exudes an incomparable appeal. When you have your Italy tourist visa and you are in the city, during the day you can walk along the winding streets. While you can admire the charming gelaterias and medieval artwork. When the sun sets on gothic structures, discover candlelit trattorias that are ideal for a romantic evening spent. This will give you a soothing feeling of freshly made pasta.

With this comprehensive travel guide, you can experience all the best things to do in Siena. It is an appealing city that is surely one of Tuscany’s pearls.

Take a Walk Around Piazza Del Campo

It is one of the most breathtaking medieval squares in entire Europe. Built before 13th century this shell-shaped area served as a gathering place for market vendors and merchants to display their goods. The tiles of the floor are split into nine sections to symbolize The Nine leaders of Siena during its peak of medieval splendour. Even after all these years, the piazza is still the centre of the city.

Visit Tuscan Winery to Taste Some Wine, One of the Best Things to do in Siena

Visit Tuscan Winery One of the Best Things to do in Siena

Without tasting wines your visit to Tuscany wouldn’t be complete. The very skilled Cencioni family has owned and operated this classic vineyard since 1957. They also provide informative trips and wine tastings on popular brands like Brunello di Montalcino. These tours provide not only the chance to taste the wine produced by the Cencioni family but also magnificent views of the rolling hills of Tuscany.

Get in Aww of Siena Cathedral

It is apparent this black & white building towers above the nearby structures. One of Siena’s most striking constructions, it combines aspects of Romanesque, French Gothic and classical architecture. One of the best façades in all of Italy to explore when you have your online Italy visa UK. It features individual pieces that highlight each of the cardinal directions. Admire the magnificent marble mosaic flooring which has pieces by Donatello and a youthful Michelangelo after taking a walk around the church just to soak it all up.

Head to La Lizza Market for Shopping

Visit La Lizza, the busiest market in Siena for a genuine experience of Sienese culture. Every Wednesday, local vendors gather in this 16th-century fortress of the city to display their items many of which are quite reasonable. The fresh vegetable and fruit vendors at La Lizza Market are among the cheapest in the city. it is probably one of the greatest places to buy authentic Italian outfits.

Get to the top of Torre del Mangia

It is one of the Italy’s tallest secular buildings. It matches the height of Siena Cathedral as a symbol of the equal authority held by the Church and the State in Siena. The name Torre del Mangia which translates to “Tower of the Eater” comes from Mangiaguadagni. He was popular as the “profit-eater” who was famous for his extravagant spending at Siena’s taverns and inns. The tower offers views that would make Mangiaguadagni himself proud. So, apply for Italy visa from UK and explore top attractions and activities in Siena.

Admire the Gorgeous Interiors of Biblioteca Piccolomini

Pope Pius III built this library inside Siena Cathedral. All that is left are choral books, despite the fact that it was founded to preserve the rich legacy of the tomes. Still the library is a piece of art in and of itself even though the major books are mainly missing. Paintings on the walls by Pinturicchio illustrate Piccolomini’s life and demise. Similarly, a sculpture that portrays the Three Graces is located in the centre of the room and is a replica of an older Hellenistic piece.

Do not Miss Watching Palio Di Siena

 Palio Di Siena

The Palio di Siena, a thrilling event steeped in long-standing tradition and competition that perfectly captures the history and character of the city is possibly the most well-known event held in the city twice in a year.

Every year in August and July Representatives of 17 ward groups in the city, known as contrade, put on a magnificent procession before the horse race. Today these serve as social clubs but were formerly competing military companies during the Middle Ages.

Explore the Beautiful Elsa Trail & Diborrato Waterfall

Siena is about thirty minutes away by car from the stunning natural region known as Elsa Trail. This breathtaking walking trail winds between waterfalls and milky blue pools, a little piece of heaven away from the busy streets of the city. After packing up your essentials, hop in the car, enjoy the breathtaking Tuscan scenery & you are all set for a relaxing swim. You may easily go here with an Italy Schengen visa.

Wrapping up

Along with lots of exciting things to do in Siena, there is an intriguing open museum that is accessible year-round. The cooler months of fall and spring are great since you’ll have to deal with chilly, rainy days in the winter. On the other hand scorching temperatures during summer. Every year on 2nd July and 16th August, the major Piazza del Campo hosts the classic Palio horse race. This event brings the city to its most joyous moments. Those who enjoy art should plan their trip for late summer when the cathedral floor is decorated with marble mosaics for everyone to view.

Book your Italy visa appointment with the help of experts, visit the visa centre to submit all the required documents and biometric information in order to get your visa in time. Once you get it you are all set to explore this super amazing city in Italy.


Is it worth visiting sienna?

I would say yes without any doubt. With many things to do in Siena, it is one of the best places to scape in Italy. It is an exciting place to visit for all kinds of travelers.

What not to miss in Siena?

Piazza del Campo, fan-shaped central square, Gothic town hall, Palazzo Pubblico, Torre del Mangia and the renowned Palio di Siena. These are a few things you should not miss when you are in Siena.

Is Lucca better than Siena?

None of your choices would be wrong as both of them are super interesting. Although both of the cities are quite adorable, if I have to name one than Siena is my favorite.

What is Siena, Italy best known for?

It is popularly known for holding the Palio horserace twice a year. As well as for being home to several works of medieval art.

Which is better, Siena or Florence?

Particularly at famous spots like Ponte Vecchio and Piazza del Duomo, Florence experiences tourists. While still a popular tourist destination, Siena often has a cozier, more relaxed vibe. Particularly for its tiny streets and squares it is quite popular