How to spend summer in Italy

How to Spend Summer in Italy – A Holidaymaker’s Guide

Wondering how to spend summer in Italy? Worry not, for we have got you covered. The following comprehensive article will help you with some incredible ways to spend summer in Italy like locals living in apartments and rentals.

The month of August is considered summer in Italy by Italians. While many

Italians take the entire month of August off, the traditional summer vacation of

Ferragosto, which dates back to Emperor Augustus, lasts from August 15 to

September 1. This is the time of the year when the best restaurants, as well as many shops and small family-run enterprises, close their doors for the vacation.

It’s a great opportunity to escape away from the tourist traps in the city centres and rent an apartment in a neighborhood like Milan’s Navigli, which will be bustling with locals. What’s holding you back then? apply for Italy Visa today to spend a memorable summer in Italy with your loved ones.

When you’re ready for a serene beach vacation, skip the Cinque Terre, Portofino, Positano, and the Amalfi Coast and head to Calabria, Puglia, Sardinia, and the quieter cities on the Italian Lakes, where Italians flock.

Top-Notch 5 ways to Spend Summer in Italy

Go for a walk in Südtirol.

The Dolomites aren’t the highest Alps peaks, but they’re certainly the most magnificent ones – studded with limestone slabs worn into vertical cliffs, rising abrupt from a forested valley floor. If you go for a summer hike in their shade, you’ll discover a part of Italy unlike any other: mesmerizing Alpine grasslands ablaze with wildflowers and grazing cattle. You get to follow the trails of Val di Funes – where the Odle mountains loom menacingly over the beautiful chapel of Santa Maddelena. All that it takes to explore the enthralling beauty of Südtirol is an Italy Visa UK.

Take a scenic drive along the Amalfi Coast.

Italy is known for treating even B-roads as if they were Silverstone. Many people are scared of driving in Italy because of this rather unjust stereotype, which is a myth, the reason being – the Italian roads are home to some of Europe’s best road journeys. The lauded Amalfi Coast Drive offers a breathtaking 35-mile route along the coast of the Sorrento Peninsula.

How to spend summer in Italy

The hairpin corners and nerve-wracking cliff-edge slaloms of this drive bring out every motorist’s inner adrenaline driver. You’ll pass by the verdant hills rising from a warm sea, fishing communities built at 45-degree angles, and historic monasteries perched high on cliffs along the way. No wonder why Amalfi coast has been on the top of the bucket list of the adrenaline junkies forever.

Discover the tranquil side of the Italian Lakes

Buying or renting a villa along the lakes implies you have made it successfully to Italian society. To relate, have a look at Italian history. Numerous villas of Roman dignitaries and the spectacular palaces of the Milanese aristocracy were built beside the waters of Lake Como with the snow-capped Alps rising above it.

On your upcoming visit to Italy, consider exploring Lake Mergozzo, which is a puddle compared to Garda and Como but is unquestionably more serene, with no speedboats and swans occasionally outnumbering people.  And to extract the most of this visit, climb the peaceful hillside paths behind the village for views of beautiful Lake Maggiore on the horizon.  Discover and explore the pastel-coloured cottages nestled around a natural amphitheatre on the northern coast of this village.

Locate a secluded beach on the coast of Sardinia.

Sardinia’s beaches are fairly quiet for the majority of the year. However, every summer they are visited by a large number of beach lovers and transform into Italy’s premier sunbathing destination. Many of the best Italian beaches, by some miracle, are also the quietest and most serene in the world. You can set out for the Golfo di Orosei with your loved ones, halfway up the east coast, to escape the crowds. This magical coast of Sardinia has enormous cliffs that rise from the sea, ringed in by peaceful beaches, some of which can only be reached by boat that departs at Cala Gonone.

Relish the Sicilian Ice Cream

In Italy, eating ice cream is an art form: the Italians are experts in gracefully devouring the cone without dropping a bomb of frozen goo. In Bologna, there is also an ice cream university. It may come as a surprise, though, that the frozen dessert was not invented by Italians.

How to spend summer in Italy

According to legend, Arab conquerors brought the notion to Europe via Sicily in the 9th century, as a method to cool off on hot summer days. Taormina, the mediaeval east-coast town long known as a seaside retreat for aristocracy and monarchs, has borne this love affair fruitfully for a thousand years.

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