things to do in Florence and Tuscany

4 Amazing Things to Do in Florence and Tuscany Region

Tuscany is located in the central part of Italy and offers some of the most popular Renaissance Architecture & Art that includes Duomo Basilica, Michelangelo’s David Statue and many more.  Florence is a beautiful capital city of Tuscany that offers a wide range of tourist attractions. So, how should you plan your travel to Florence and Tuscany? Read on to find out!

Things to Do in Florence and Tuscany

Florence – Discover Various Attractions with Loved Ones

Visit the Bardini gardens and fill your lungs with fresh air!

Florence’s Bardini gardens are one of the few offbeat tourist attractions that make it a real treasure for visitors. The garden gets its name from the renaissance villa of the Bardini family.

Experience phenomenal views of Florence, climb the medieval staircase to get some spell-binding views or visit the wisteria tunnel during summer to witness the blooms!

Witness one of the most popular sculptures of the world

The statue of David which is housed in the Accademia museum is a popular attraction of Florence. Did you know? The entire Accademia museum is centered around this world-famous sculpture!

Here comes the interesting part – The entire sculpture was sculpted from a block of marble which was actually deemed unsuitable by other artists.


Tuscany –

Visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa

This iconic leaning tower has been proclaimed as a wonder of the world by many prominent historians. Although it did not receive the actual accolade, the leaning tower of Pisa still draws many tourists every year due to its unique construction.

Did you know? The Piazza del Duomo or the Leaning Tower of Pisa does hold the tag of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Visit Siena’s Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral

The Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral is one of the finest churches of Italy that features a stunning façade, spell-binding sculptures, Venetian mosaics and enchanting rose windows. Visit this beautiful cathedral for its exquisite art-packed interiors, the Chigi Chapel, St. John’s Chapel.

Tips to Make Your Travel to Florence and Tuscany Enjoyable

Buy tickets in advance

This is one thumb rule that you should never forget. Some tourist attractions only let a certain number of people enter each day. So, if you don’t book your ticket in advance chances are that the local authorities won’t let you enter that beautiful dome, a cathedral or any other place.


Cover yourself before going inside a cathedral or church

Almost every church in Italy mandates that your knees and shoulders before entering. So, if you are wearing shorts or sleeveless tops, you will have to get a scarf or a shawl. Although the church authorities don’t provide these outside the entrance, you can get beautiful shawls or scarves from various nearby markets.

Check the timetables of a tourist attraction

Some popular places are open for a certain duration. So, if your itinerary includes visiting such places make sure to check the timings of opening & closing before visiting there.

Read and understand the menus before you order

The menus in restaurants in Florence and Tuscany are quite literal. So, if it says tomatoes & cheese, you will literally get that. That is why check the menu, understand what you will be getting and then order the food.


Feel like visiting Florence & Tuscany? Well, all you need to do is apply for a Visa to Italy and visit this beautiful region with your friends or family!