Italy Travel Guide

Meticulous Travel Guide for Budget Stay in Italy

A mere idea of holidaying in Italy for leisure & tourism is fascinating. Located in the heart of Mediterranean Sea, this boot-shaped headland is renowned for long coastlines, 248 pristine beaches, Colosseum, Milan Fashion & Opera Music. The cities of Italy reflect its rich culture & splendid history.
It has emerged as a new hope for the people searching for utmost ecstasy. No wonder travel enthusiasts from around the world are looking for ways to get their Italy Visa Appointment materialized & head out to Italy with loved ones.

Guide to have an in-budget Stay in Italy with Italy Visa

Millions of wanderlusts travel to Italy every year in search of ecstasy & thrill, irrespective of the fact that Italy is an expensive country. The cost of travel, accommodation & food can simply pile up unless one keeps a close eye on what the money is being spent.
Imagine the joy that a budget-friendly stay in Italy can bring to travel enthusiasts. However, an economical travel/stay in an expensive country is no breeze. It takes a lot of research & thorough planning to get the things straight.
When you are planning to get your Italy Visa Appointment materialized, the two key constraints that will come into picture include time & funds.
Therefore, in order to make your arrangements smooth & straightforward, we have hand-picked cost-effective lodging, vacationing, traveling & eating options for you.

Accommodation Options in Italy:

1). An Agriturismi:

Agriturismi or Farm-stays have continued to rank amongst Italy’s top affordable accommodation options for a long time. Agriturismi refers to an individually-owned farm. The holders of such farms decided to use their farm-houses to provide lodging facilities to visitors. The rooms in a farm-stay can range from large to small, mini-apartments to cozy basic rooms, available for stay at a fraction of hotel prices.

Agriturismi-italyChoosing to lodge in Agriturismi can be the finest way of cherishing serene countryside views of Italy. Visitors can cherish complete solitude while adoring the glorious sun-set, rolling vineyards & lush mountains of this beautiful Peninsula. It gives the visitors a real insight into the lives & culture of the local people.
Another perk of residing in a traditional Agriturismi is the home-cooked & farm-fresh food! Visitors can get scrumptious breakfast & dinner made from fresh eggs, meat, wine & olive in just 30 to 50 Euros per head.

Booking an Agriturismo

Luxury Agriturismis are popping up across Italy & finding them is simple, believe it or not! Search Italy on “Google Maps”, zoom-in to the region you are planning to visit/stay, type Agriturismi or Agriturismo in search bar. The list of farm-stays in that region will be displayed. Check the images, reviews & rates of farm-stays. Contact the owner of your preferred Agriturismo to get your budget stay in Italy booked.

2). B&B:

The Bed & Breakfasts in Italy refers to an accommodation facility wherein rooms of houses are run as an Inn by the owners. The notion of B&B has been derived from the United Kingdom. The concept observed a wide-spread throughout European Continent before landing in Italy.
In Italy, the new B&B lodging facility is officially addressed by the English Term- Bed-and-Breakfast, while in few places it is called by the old name- Locanda, which is translated as “Inn”.
The size of B&B in Italy can vary, as per regional laws, from 3-4 rooms to 6-8 beds. This small, yet cozy, welcoming & friendly place can be accessed at anywhere from 5% to 40% cheaper rate than hotels. Visitors can get double room in a typical B&B from €35 to €100.
These days Italy is observing a great number of B&B installations in modern city apartments, grand old homes in towns & in isolated farmhouses. The resident-owners often tend to be enthusiastic tourism boosters, as they are always eager to share everything they know out of their love towards their home-towns.
Travelers to Italy can find a B&B by visiting the local tourist office as they have a complete list of B&Bs in town (the list can also be found online on the office’s Website).

3). A Convent or Monastery Stay:

The devout Christians of Italy have considered offering shelter to friends & strangers as their foremost duty, ever since Christ’s early followers were condemned as outlaws by the Roman Empire. The tradition has continued to prevail among the Italians till this day.
Hundreds of convents offer hospitality in the countryside & cities. Visitors can find both, ancient & modern guesthouses in pristine & charming locations of Italy. The rooms for budget stay in Italy are located in beautiful & ancient buildings; either in the heart of the city center or out in the countryside. These accommodation facilities are run & maintained by monks or nuns.
Residing in an Italian convent or monastery is off-the-beaten-path to sneak a peek at the glorious Italian Culture while saving money.
If you are looking forward to plan your stay in a convent or monastery, it is important to get acquainted with its general routine. The convents are occupied with lively church groups on weekends & holidays, however they are emptied out during week days to offer heavenly solitude to the visitors. Please note that many guesthouses are closed during winters and re-opened on Easter.
The ideal budget stay in Italy monastery or convent can be one week, however shorter stays can also be arranged. The fee charged at these lodging facilities range from €20-€60 per person, which may include at least two meals.
You can find & book your budget stay in Italy at a convent or monastery online from over 500 accommodation options across Italy.

4). An Apartment or Villa:

Renting an apartment or villa for a short-term stay in Italy can be considered as one of the finest choices to save money. This lodging option is best suitable for families & group of travelers. A typical apartment in Italy can cost less than €120 for a night.
The perk of residing in a villa is that visitors get separate rooms for each member of the family under one roof. In addition to that, you can cook food by yourself in the kitchen & avoid spending money on expensive food.
However, staying in the apartments does not go perfectly every time. Every apartment is different & so do the facilities & conveniences. Therefore, in order to find a suitable villa, it is important to keep few things in mind.
Firstly, use a reliable website to book an apartment like AirBnB. The trusted sites hold the booking amount with them & release it to the owner only after the visitors have checked-in. In addition to that, these sites have a trustworthy review system, wherein the people who have actually booked & stayed in the apartment are allowed to submit a review.
Secondly, ensure to check the list of amenities provided at the apartments. While some of the apartments offer modern facilities such as Air Conditioner & Elevators, some old apartments tend to lack such facilities.
Search the websites that contain only “verified” photographs of the apartments & villas. The online travel companies often send a photographer to visit the apartments & photograph it. Visiting reliable websites ensures that the aspirants are misled.
Once the apartment/villa has been fully verified, the travelers can proceed with the booking.
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Food & Drink:

The scrumptious & mouth-watering cuisine is one of the key reasons why thousands of travel enthusiasts fly down in Italy. However, spending over €15 for a restaurant meal & a glass of wine every night does not seem a feasible option on a strict budget.
We have good news for budget-conscious travelers. You can quench your thirst for Italy’s quintessential treats like pizzas, espresso & gelato without a budget concern. A typical Italian quick meal consisting of hot coffee (espresso or Latte), a pastry & a pizza will not cost you more than €4 to €5.

Many of the Italian restaurants charge a tax for occupying a table in the restaurant that starts from €3. Therefore, travelers are advised to read the restaurant menu before sitting down at a table.
Please note that the traditional Italian food is usually arranged in courses which include Antipasto, Primi, Secondi, Dolce and Contorni. Avoid ordering a “full-meal” as it will cost you a fortune & you possibly won’t be able to eat it all.
Most of the delicacies in Italy are prepared from ingredients that are local & seasonal, as they help in cutting down the transportation charges. You can locate an outdoor food market to get an idea of what’s fresh & local. This will help you to place the order wisely in town’s restaurants.
If you are fond of alcohol, instead of picking a bottle of wine from the nearest store, opt for the house wine. Typically, a bottle of scrumptious house wine costs around €10 to €15.
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Beaches & Spa Towns:

The Italian Beaches are renowned for unbelievable range of sights & experience. Blessed with over 5000 miles of coastline, Italian beaches offer an ideal backdrop to recline & rejuvenate amidst turquoise waters & white stretches of sand.
Beaches can be found filled with endless rows of beach chairs & umbrellas, however accessing one of those set-ups can cost up to €20 per day. The charges can even rise to €100 or more in the high-season.
A large number of Italians prefer to visit the beaches that are rugged, beautiful & free (or discounted).
One of the finest examples includes the Maremma National Park. This National Park is a huge swathe of protected land that incorporates hiking trails, wild beaches & pristine sea. The park entry charge for an adult is normally €6, while that of a child is €4.

beaches and spa towns
Other affordable beaches of Italy include San Fruttuso & Puglia Region. These regions of Italy are less crowded with tourists if compared to other beaches & Amalfi Coast.
Located near the beautiful city of Lecce is the resort town of Otranto. It ranks amongst Italy’s most underestimated destinations for food & culture. The town is filled with glorious rock pools, ancient yet beautiful buildings & local beaches like Baia dei Turchi. The wild vegetation, lush green hills & crystal clear waters add to the glory of Otranto beaches.
If you want to take a rejuvenating thermal bath without shelling out for an extortionate spa, you can head to some small towns.
Towns such as Rapolano Terme, Bagni San Filippo & Bagno Vignoni are less crowded & you can access free baths in warm & restorative pools.

Affordable Places to Visit in Italy

Italy proudly ranks among the top-visited countries of Europe. The renowned cities of Italy like Rome, Venice & Florence feature magnificent architecture, great places to visit & high standard of living.
While they promise fantastic countryside experience, enthralling sight-seeing & scrumptious delicacies, they can get extremely crowded & pricey during peak summer months.
Travelers usually believe that country’s classic attractions like architecture, art, food, wine and scenic landscapes are confined to Italy’s iconic destinations only. However, the truth is other way round.
Italy’s ultimate beauty & glory can be found outside the famous spots. You may wonder where such places that are beautiful & affordable at the same time located.
Well, to address your query, we have hand-picked locations where you can stretch your budget, stay longer & gather memories for life.

1). Puglia:

Lauded for beautiful coastlines, towns, great food & wine, Puglia is emerging as a new hope amongst the wanderlusts. Many of the Puglia’s huge stone farmhouses (masseries) have been converted into hotels & spas in order to provide a heavenly holidaying escape to visitors.
The major attractions of Puglia include-


A). The town of Alberobello –

known for Trulli, white limestone structures with cone-shaped roofs. It has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

B). Ostuni –

It is a scenic hillside town. It is known as Puglia’s White City because of its ivory stone buildings.

C). Otranto –

A beautiful coastal town of Lecce, which is home to historic lighthouse, ancient city walls, crystal clear waters & a beautiful medieval castle.

D). Santa Maria di Leuca –

Known for offering stunning beaches, spectacular coves & Liberty-style villas, Santa Maria di Leuca is a one of the underrated places to visit in Puglia.
How to Get to Puglia – Take a flight or Alta Velocita high-speed train to Bari (or Brindisi) & then rent a car to Puglia with loved ones.

2). Bologna:

Bologna is situated in the Italy’s Northern Region. It is a vibrant capital city of the Emilia-Romagna Region.
Paradise for travel enthusiasts who dream of Florence’s art & culture, Bologna is a lively city that certainly has something to offer to everyone. It is lauded for being home to world’s oldest university, myriad of fine-dining destinations, opera & ostentatious tech companies.

Bologna is known for drawing a large number of travelers because of its enthralling street art, luscious cheap drinks & a diverse population. It offers a lot of places to the travelers to relish good food at affordable prices. You can get a plate of delectable tagliatelle al ragu at mere €6.
Apart from savoring affordable delicious food, you can visit & explore places of interest in Bologna at reasonable prices. Bologna is home to buildings of amazing architecture & historical importance. Most of the historic buildings can be seen painted in the distinct shades of red, yellow and ochre & nicknamed as Bologna la Rossa or Bologna the Red.
Another centre of attraction of Bologna is Piazza Maggiore, which was the location of Roman forum all throughout the medieval age. It has now been transformed into a renowned location that organizes arts & music festivals.

3). Merano / Meran:

Merano is no less than a paradise for travel enthusiasts. Known for its verdant boulevards, cacti, oleanders & tropical climate, Merano is one of the budget-friendly towns in Italy. This town enjoys a mild climate year round – with maximum temperature of 10°C in winters & 30°C in the summers.
Merano is filled with attractions such as scenic mountain ranges, exhilarating Christmas markets, jazz festivals & wine festivals.

Another enthralling attraction of Merano is Merano 2000, which is a ski complex that features trails for skiing, snowboarding & sledding. On your next trip to Italy, head out to Merano 2000 to add extra adventure to your trip.
Two Natural parks of Merano – Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio and Parco Naturale Gruppo del Tessa offer plethora of opportunities for adrenaline junkies such as trekking & mountain biking.
You may undertake aerial tramway ride or funivia to get around in Merano & explore the beauty of this town. A Tourist Italy visa is all you need to get to this beautiful town. Apply for visa by simply filling Online Italy Visa Application form.

4). Cinque Terre:

Pronounced as CHEEN-kweh TEHR-reh, this Italian city is definitely one of the affordable places to travel to & explore. The average daily expense for the budget travelers is around €52 only.
Cinque Terre, home to five towns in the Northern Italy, has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. All of the 5 towns are old-fashioned & ancient, yet they have something unique & alluring to offer to the visitors.

During your visit to Cinque Terre towns, you can undertake scenic train rides from village to village or hike through the trails & explore the beauty of these towns.
The list of affordable places to visit in Italy does not end here. Other budget-friendly places in Italy include Verona, Naples, Ancona, Sicily, Promontorio del Gargano, Matera, Urbino & Florence.
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Gather memories for life. Happy Holidaying!