Rome Summer Festival 2022

Rome Summer Festival 2022 – A Two-Month Music Extravaganza

Rome Summer Fest 2022, one of the city’s premier music festivals, takes place each summer in a beautiful setting – The Renzo Piano’s Cavea of Auditorium Parco della Musica.

Throughout the summer, Roma Summer Fest hosts live concerts including the finest Italian and worldwide rock, pop, and jazz singers and songwriters.

Roma Summer Fest Italy 2022 will feature some renowned artists such as the British songwriter Michael Kiwanuka, who will perform live on 16th July, and the legendary Simple Minds, who will perform live on 17th July as part of their “40 Years of Hits Tour”.

Apart from this, many other popular artists will be performing live in the two-month long summer festival!

Official Dates of the Event – 10th June to 6th August

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Why is Rome Summer Festival 2022 So Popular?

Roma Summer Fest is a popular summer music event hosted by the Musica per Roma Foundation in the world’s only Renzo Piano-designed Auditorium, Parco della Musica.

Over two months of live concerts including the biggest Italian and international rock and pop singers, jazz and original music pioneers. For the amount and quality of the offerings in a short period of time, Rome Summer Fest is without a doubt one of the most important festivals in the world, having hosted global tour debuts in recent years.

To date, about one million fans have seen concerts featuring Elton John, Sting, Bjork, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan and many other world-famous artists.

The Venue is a One-of-a-Kind Structure

The Auditorium Parco della Musica, built by Renzo Piano and inaugurated on December 21, 2002, is a collection of halls devoted to music in particular and to art in general. The Cavea is an open-air amphitheatre located at the Auditorium’s core that seats up to 3,000 people.

Rome Summer Festival 2022

A Grand Rome Summer Fest 2022 Lineup

The Roma Summer Fest returns, a summer music event hosted by the Musica per Roma Foundation in the world’s only Renzo Piano-designed venue, the Auditorium Parco della Musica. Two months of live concerts including the best Italian and worldwide rock and pop singers, jazz greats, and composers, culminating in a season of great music at the Cavea.


Following a four-year hiatus and a global epidemic, the Berlin trio returns to the Auditorium Parco della Musica with a new show. The Rome Summer Fest’s 2022 edition will be inaugurated by Gernot Bronsert, Sebastian Szary, and Sascha Ring, alias MODERAT.

Paolo Conte

A must-see performance featuring Paolo Conte’s seductive charm and unique vocal timbre supported by an orchestral group of eleven great players. The singer-most songwriter’s popular songs are featured on the programme, which will be played in the magnificent setting of the Parco della Musica: “Hemingway,” “Under the stars of jazz,” and the unpublished “El Greco.”

Michael Kiwanuk

Following the Covid-19 health issue that prompted the artist to delay his tour, Michael Kiwanuka, the English musician of Ugandan ancestry and undisputed soulman, comes to Rome on July 16, 2022, as part of the Rome Summer Fest.

The musician, who has collaborated with Adele and Danger Mouse, has received multiple nominations for the Brit Awards, MTV Europe Music Awards, Mercury Prize, and BBC Music Awards, and is now regarded as one of international soul’s best performers.

Simple Minds

Simple Minds return to Rome Summer Fest 2022 as part of their “40 Years of Hits Tour.” Even their most recent albums continue to generate considerable popular interest. The originally scheduled “Simple Minds” concerts in Rome’s Auditorium Parco della Musica on 15 July 2020 and 13 July 2021 have been rescheduled for 17 July 2022.

Tickets purchased in the past will be valid for the new date.

Carmen Consoli

Carmen Consoli returns to the Auditorium as a special guest of the Rome Summer Fest. With a new tour, the artist is ready to reclaim the live scene. After selling out consecutively with his most recent theatrical tour, which captivated audiences with its unique separation into three acts, he now deepens each act and converts it into a concert in and of itself, with fresh atmospheres and sounds ranging from rock to acoustic to electronic.

Apart from these, there are many other renowned local, national and international artists who will performing live during the two-month-long music extravaganza.

Rome Summer Fest tickets 2022

Tickets for the Roma Summer Fest start from 35 Euros and go all the way to 100-200 Euros. You need to buy a separate ticket for each event.

Some notable music performances from Simple Minds, MODERAT and Paolo Conte are a must-visit.

Rome Summer Festival 2022

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