Places to visit in Amalfi Coast

4 Top-notch places to visit in Amalfi Coast with Loved Ones

Planning your trip to Amalfi Coast at the last minute? Looking for a quick guide to places to visit in Amalfi Coast? If yes, you have landed in the right place. This article is a comprehensive Amalfi Coast Travel Guide that will help you explore this enthralling destination on an Italy Visa UK.

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Amalfi Coast is one of the epic & renowned destinations in Italy, which enchants thousands of travel enthusiasts every year. The Amalfi Drive, also known as SS163, is an exhilarating 48 kilometres of coastline studded with a series of breathtaking views and curves.

If you ever plan to undertake a ride on Amalfi Drive, we’d suggest you not drive, rather hire a taxi or take a SITA bus. This way you won’t miss beholding the scenic cliffs, deep ravines & lush vertical mountains. Amalfi Coast certainly is one of the best destinations to explore with family & friends. All you need is an Italy Visa UK and you are good to go!


4 Top Places to Visit in Amalfi Coast


Located towards the northern part of the Amalfi Coast is the scenic town of Sorrento. It is lauded around the world for its appealing scenery, coastal walks & a vast array of attractive buildings such as the cathedral of Sorrento. It is a charming structure that was first built in the 11th century. In addition to that, Sorrento offers a wide range of public parks and museums that showcase fascinating artworks.


This beautiful town is located on the western part of the Amalfi coast and features pastel houses on the steep hillside, the Santa Maria Assunta (a 13th-century church), Marina Grande (to discover the coast of Amalfi).

Apart from this, Positano offers beautiful beaches and if you are lucky enough, you might spot a celebrity too!

Amalfi Town

Amalfi town is the main attraction of the Amalfi coast and is a popular hub for tourists. Just like other places on the Amalfi coast, this town features multi-coloured houses, beautiful cathedrals and the Piazza del Duomo.


Don’t feel like going on sightseeing? Then simply head over to the promenade for a relaxing stroll or shop for some souvenirs from nearby shops.


Love heights? Then Ravello is the perfect choice for you!

This beautiful town is located between Mariori and Amalfi and offers some relaxing activities for tourists.

Visit a popular Roman Villa that goes by the name Villa Ruffolo and enjoy panoramic views with your loved ones. You can also munch on some tasty delights from the numerous restaurants spread across Ravello.


Excited to Travel to Amalfi Coast? Then all you need to do is apply for an Italian Visa Appointment, get your Italy visa and explore this beautiful destination with your friends or family.