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Valentine’s Day 2024 in Italy– Ultimate Guide for Couples

Italy is already world-renowned as one of the most romantic destinations. So where better to spend Valentine’s Day 2024 than Italy? From historic cities like Rome and Venice to scenic towns along the Amalfi Coast, Italy offers countless ways for couples to celebrate their love this February 14th. So, plan your Valentine’s Day 2024 in Italy and use this guide to enjoy romantic holidays with your better half!

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her in Italy

Treating that special woman in your life to a romantic gift is a Valentine’s Day essential in Italy. Popular options include:

  • Valentine’s Day Roses

Nothing says “I love you” like a dozen red roses. Floral shops all across Italy offer beautiful rose arrangements you can surprise your partner with. Opt for a local florist close to your hotel or accommodation.

  • Valentine’s Day Cards

Pick out a heartfelt card she can keep as a memento of your Italian Valentine’s getaway. Many cards are bilingual, so you can include a loving message in both English and Italian.

  • Valentine’s Day Balloons

For a more playful gift, Valentine’s balloons decorated with hearts, cupids, and romantic messages are a fun gesture.

  • Fortnum & Mason Hamper

Treat her to a taste of luxury with a Fortnum & Mason hamper filled with gourmet teas, biscuits, and other British treats. Fortnum & Mason ship many products worldwide.

  • Home Décor Gifts

Romantic home accessories like scented candles, cozy blankets, framed prints, or decorative items are wonderful Italian Valentine’s gifts for her. Opt for something meaningful she can enjoy long after your trip.

So, why wait? Book your Italy Visa appointment today to get your visa. Then, jet off to Italy, buy some Valentine’s day giftsand surprise her!

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him in Italy

Guys deserve some Valentine’s Day pampering too. Consider these top Italian Valentine’s gift ideas for your male sweetheart:

  • Valentine’s Day Movies

Surprise your man with a couple’s movie night. Cuddle up in your hotel room or Airbnb and stream a romantic comedy or movie set in Italy while snacking on local treats.

  • Valentine’s Day Flowers

In Italy, it’s common for women and men to exchange flowers on Valentine’s Day. Pick up a masculine arrangement of roses, tulips, gerbera daisies, or orchids for your partner to enjoy.

  • Gourmet Treats

Indulge his sweet tooth with treats like artisanal chocolates, biscotti, limoncello cake, panettone, or Italian candy from local pasticcerias. They make tasty edible Valentine’s mementos.

  • Wellness Gifts

Help him relax and recharge with high-end grooming supplies, massage oil, comfy slippers, or monogrammed bathrobes. Add a DIY spa kit for a couples massage.

  • Fashion Accessories

Surprise your fashionable Italian Valentine with stylish accessories like a luxury tie, watch, wallet, scarf or pair of sunglasses. Opt for leather goods embossed with “I Love You” or other Valentine’s motifs.

Choose from these amazing gifts to wish him a Happy Valentine’s Day and see him gush with joy!

History of Valentine’s Day

The exact origins of Valentine’s Day are obscure, but it’s believed to have originated from the Roman festival Lupercalia held in mid-February. As Christianity spread, the pagan festival was outlawed, and St. Valentine’s Day was introduced as a Christian substitute focusing on romance and love.

In Italy specifically, Valentine’s traditions have been celebrated for centuries with gift-giving, dances, and festivals. It remains a popular day for marriages, engagements, and celebrating romance. The best part is – you’ll just need Italy Visa UK to enjoy this romantic day with your loved one!

Weather on Valentine’s Day in Italy

Italy has a Mediterranean climate, which means pleasant weather for celebrating Valentine’s Day. In early to mid-February, average temperatures range from 45-55°F (7-13°C) across the country.

Popular destinations like Rome, Florence, and Venice see cooler temperatures in the low 50s Fahrenheit. Farther south around Naples and the Amalfi Coast is slightly warmer – mid 50s. Rain showers are unlikely, but pack extra layers for sightseeing.

With sunny, mild weather, Valentine’s Day 2024 in Italy will be comfortable for romantic strolls, al fresco dining, gondola rides, and more.

Restaurants for Valentine’s Day You Must Explore!

From Michelin-starred venues to charming trattorias, Italy offers no shortage of restaurants for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner.

In Rome, classic spots like La Pergola and Il Pagliaccio offer fine dining and dazzling city views. Vineyard restaurants in Tuscany like Borgo San Jacopo (Florence) or Osteria di Passignano (Chianti) allow couples to dine amongst rolling hills and vineyards.

For waterfront views, San Pietro (Positano) and Taverna del Capitano (Nerano) boast cliffside terraces overlooking the Bay of Naples. And in Venice, AnticheCarampane and Corte Sconta transport lovebirds back to the medieval era with intimate indoor seating and decadent Venetian cuisine.

Wherever you dine, be sure to make reservations well in advance for Valentine’s Day. And make sure to get some flowers for Valentine’s day to gift your special one!

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What to Do on Valentine’s Day in Italy?

Make it a romantic holiday to remember with these top Things to Do on Valentine’s Day in Italy:

  • Kiss at the Bocca dellaVerità

Legend says those who tell a lie with their hand in the Mouth of Truth have it bitten off. Use this as an excuse to sneak in a smooch with your sweetheart at the Bocca dellaVerità in Rome.

  • Make a Wish at Trevi Fountain

As per local tradition, turn your back to Rome’s famed Trevi Fountain, toss a coin over your shoulder, and make a wish. Do it together for extra luck in love!

  • Ride a Gondola in Venice

Glide through Venice’s winding canals on an intimate gondola, reciting sweet words to each other as you pass under the Bridge of Sighs.

  • Dine by Candlelight

Book a table at a cozy restaurant and dine under the glow of candlelight. For extra romance, take a bottle of Italian wine back to your hotel to continue your celebrations.

  • Catch a Concert

Check events listings in your area. Many Italian cities host romantic classical concerts and live music perfect for a Valentine’s date night.

  • Wander Medieval Streets Hand-in-Hand

Old towns across Italy like Orvieto, San Gimignano, and Perugia make for dreamy backdrops for a romantic stroll on Valentine’s Day 2024. All you need is an Italy Visa London to kickstart your Valentine’s day in Italy!

5 Unique Valentine’s Day Activities in Italy You Shouldn’t Miss!

Beyond sightseeing and fine dining, wow your significant other with these one-of-a-kind Valentine’s Day experiences in Italy:

  • Chocolate-Making Class

Instead of just eating sweets, learn traditional techniques for making chocolate, gelato, or pastries in a hands-on cooking class. Sweet!

  • Hot Air Balloon Ride

Soar over vineyards, olive groves, and cypress trees together for bird’s eye views of the Tuscan countryside from an intimate hot air balloon basket.

  • Dance the Tarantella

Join local dancers in traditional costumes moving to lively tarantella folk music. Famous hot spots include Sorrento, Naples, Taormina, and Rome.

  • Learn Italian Love Poetry

Understand why Italy is so romantic by studying Italian love sonnets and poetry. Practice reciting them to each other – maybe over a bottle of Italian red!

  • Romantic Photoshoot

Immortalize your Italian Valentine’s getaway with a couples photoshoot against iconic backdrops like the canals of Venice or the cliffs of Positano.


With its romantic cities, exquisite cuisine, stunning landscapes, and endless cultural experiences tailored to lovers, Italy is the ultimate destination to spend Valentine’s Day 2024. Surprise your partner with a thoughtful gift, share an intimate candlelit dinner, and create unforgettable memories together bell ‘more (with love) this February 14th! No matter where in Italy you celebrate, make sure to end the evening with a “buon San Valentino” (Happy Valentine’s Day) toast and sweet bacio (kiss). Don’t wait anymore! Apply for Italy Visa from UK to get started on your Valentine’s Holiday in Italy!


What is the weather typically like in Italy on Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day falls during a mild Mediterranean season, with average temperatures ranging from 45-55°F across Italy. Rain is uncommon. Pack layers for sightseeing and restaurants with outdoor terraces.

What are some romantic things to in Italy for Valentine’s Day?

Top romantic Valentine’s activities include kissing at Rome’s Bocca dellaVerità, riding a gondola in Venice, dining by candlelight, catching concerts, joining a chocolate-making class, hot air balloon rides over Tuscany, photographing on the Amalfi Coast, and more!

What traditional Valentine’s Day gifts do Italians exchange?

Common Italian Valentine’s gifts include roses, balloons, cards, chocolates, jewelry, sensual products, designer accessories, gourmet food baskets, and edible treats like biscotti and limoncello cake.

What are the most romantic restaurants to dine at in Italy for Valentine’s Day?

Top dining spots include La Pergola (Rome), Osteria di Passignano (Tuscany), San Pietro (Positano) and AnticheCarampane (Venice). Make your reservations in advance for February 14th.

What are some fun activities and experiences to do on Valentine’s Day in Italy?

Unique V-day adventures include chocolate/pasta making classes, hot air balloon rides over Tuscan countryside, photographing on the Amalfi Coast, tarantella folk dancing, learning Italian love poetry, and custom couples photoshoots.