Halloween 2021

Halloween in Italy – An Age-Old Tradition in the New Generation

The scary festival of Halloween might’ve originated from Ireland. But, that doesn’t stop the residents of Italy to celebrate Halloween in Italy on 31st October 2021 with their loved ones. So, does Italy really celebrate Halloween just like other countries do? Read on to find out!

Experience the Biggest Celebrations of Halloween in Italy

Visit the “Town of the Witches”

The town of the witches (named during Halloween) is basically a Ligurian village that goes by the name Triora or Imperia.

Although Triora ranks among some of the most beautiful medieval villages of Italy, it completely transforms into a true horror village during Halloween. From horror-themed events to folklore activities, Triora has it all for every Halloween!

Halloween in Italy

Take Part in the Festa delle Streghe (Night of the Witches)

This exotic Halloween event is held every year where you will get to witness Halloween-themed parks, residents dressed in scary costumes, haunted houses, skeletons and witches will ensure that you get a raw Halloween feel in Italy!

Take Part in the Largest Halloween Celebrations

Head over to Tuscany’s Borgo a Mozzano if you want to take part in one of the biggest Halloween celebrations. Witness streets and the city center decked up with decorations and activities based on Halloween legends and traditions.

Visit the devil’s bridge or brave through the horror route “Passage of Terror” to witness men and women of all ages wear scar costumes to scare the participants.

Other Amazing Places to Celebrate Halloween in Italy


Florence is known to take Halloween celebrations to the next level. If you want to have a unique experience of Florence Italy Halloween 2021 then you should head over to the ice rink. Now, don’t think that you will get to witness some nice sights as everyone will be dressed in scary costumes with scarier masks.

Halloween in Italy

Relish traditional Halloween delicacies like Dolci and Broad beans of the dead and Bread of the dead. Don’t worry! These dishes are safe and fully edible.


The capital city Rome is another amazing place where you can celebrate Halloween to your heart’s content. Head over to the Rainbow Magic Land, a huge amusement park where you can relish the best of Halloween. This amusement park offers various Halloween attractions and routes that will most likely scare you. So, don’t go alone into the meandering routes during Halloween!


Did you know? Legend has it that Naples is home to the grave of the infamous Dracula. That is why a unique event is organized during Halloween where you get to explore the streets. Not just that, you will most likely follow in the vampire’s footsteps which will give you that perfect Halloween feel!

Italian Halloween foods that you must try!

Halloween 2021 in Italy is incomplete without mouth-watering Halloween culinary delights. Here are some amazing Halloween dishes that you should try:

Bruschetta con Zucca e Buffala

The Bruschetta with Roasted Pumpkin and Buffalo Mozzarella as the name implies is made with local Italian ingredients like the Buffalo Mozarella, Pumpkin, Fresh Basil and others.

Halloween in Italy

Risotto di Zucca

The Pumpkin Risotto or the Risotto di Zucca is an amazing dish that is made with chicken/vegetable stock, arborio rice, Parmesan, white wine and other exotic ingredients.

Fried Fiori di Zucca

The friend zucchini flower dish is made from actual flowers, cow milk mozzarella, anchovy fillets, white vinegar and other exotic ingredients.

So, don’t wait. Apply for an Italy Visa UK today to take part in the exciting festivities of Halloween with your friends of family!