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21 Amazing Things to Do in Naples – The Definitive Guide

Naples often flies under the radar for first-time visitors to Italy. But savvy travellers know this gritty, history-steeped city offers an unbeatable taste of Italy. From marvelling at jaw-dropping archaeological finds and Renaissance masterpieces to indulging in the world’s best pizza and exploring surprisingly verdant islands nearby, Naples rewards those who explore its infinite attractions. Here are some exciting things to do in Naples for holidaymakers & first-time visitors with Italy Visa UK!

Incredible Things to Do in Naples on Your Italy Trip

For First-Time Visitors – Best Things to Do

1. Uncover Herculaneum & Pompeii’s Ruins

No trip to Naples is complete without visiting the world-famous ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum. These ancient Roman cities froze in time after being buried under volcanic ash from Mt. Vesuvius’ eruption in 79 AD. Check out the remarkably preserved frescos, villas, and artefacts offering a vivid glimpse into daily life thousands of years ago.

2. Explore the Museo Archeologico Nazionale

Housing one of the world’s greatest collections of Greco-Roman antiquities, this archaeological museum in Naples’ historic centre is a must-visit. Some of the key highlights of this amazing museum include:

  • The intricately-tiled mosaics from Pompeii’s villas
  • The Farnese sculptures, and,
  • A fascinating collection of artefacts from nearby Herculaneum

Make sure to add this place to your Naples vacation bucket list!

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3. Hunt for the Perfect Neapolitan Pizza

Pizza was born in Naples, and hunting for the perfect wood-fired Margherita pie becomes a delicious quest for many visitors. Stop by legendary sites like Da Michele, Brandi, or Di Matteo to experience the ultimate Pizza creation. Get ready to relish puffy charred crusts topped with delicious:

  • Tomato sauce
  • Fresh basil
  • Buffalo mozzarella

Want to experience these amazing delights in Naples? All you need is an Italy Schengen Visa!

Top Family-Friendly Activities in Naples

Top Family-Friendly Activities in Naples

4. Climb to the Top of Castel Sant’Elmo

For the best panoramic views of Naples and Mt. Vesuvius, climb to the top of this medieval fortress on the hilltop of Vomereo. Kids love exploring the ramparts, towers and underground cisterns of this restored 10th-century castle.

5. Be Wowed at Città della Scienza

This interactive science museum on the western outskirts of Naples is one of the largest in Europe. With its planetarium and hands-on exhibits on science, technology and nature, it makes learning fun for children and adults alike.

6. Take a Scenic Funicular Ride (Cable Cars)

Families can hop aboard the cable cars for a delightful mode of transport to reach Naples’ hilltop neighbourhoods like:

  • Vomero
  • Morghen

The Funicolare Centrale and Funicolare di Chiaia carry passengers up and offer amazing bird’s eye views along the way.

Best Historical Sites to Visit in Italy

7. Duomo di Napoli

Naples’ magnificent cathedral is a jaw-dropping masterpiece of Gothic and Baroque architecture intermixed over centuries. Some fascinating attractions to marvel at here include:

  • The frescoed chapels
  • 4th-century mosaics
  • Elaborate cloisters surrounding the neoclassical basilica. These have been the centrepiece of Neapolitan life since the 13th century.

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8. Santa Chiara Monastery & Cloister

This former monastery complex dating to 1310 houses one of Naples’s most exquisite cloisters. The intricately decorated majolica tiled columns and biblical scenes are a treat to watch. They also provide a gorgeous backdrop for the serene gardens at the heart of the courtyard!

9. San Gennaro Catacombs

Get chills as you descend underground into Naples’ ancient catacombs. These are vast eerie tunnels carved from volcanic rock for burials dating back to the 2nd century. Used secretly by early Christians, the underground basilicas and frescoed chambers reveal fascinating insights into Naples’ past. Don’t miss these out while exploring Naples with your friends or family!

Romantic Spots in Naples for Couples

Romantic Spots in Naples for Couples

10. Meander through the Historic District

Naples’ historical central weaves a romantic spell with its labyrinth of narrow alleys lined with:

  • Flower boxes
  • Church domes, and,
  • Charming courtyards that open unexpectedly

Simply lose yourselves together amidst the bustling medieval ambience, especially after dark.

11. Admire Views from Napoli Sotterranea

This underground network of ancient tunnels and cisterns dating to Greek times became an air-raid shelter during WWII. Today, visiting these beautiful spaces leads to a viewpoint overlooking the rooftops of Naples. Here, you will be greeted by some spectacular vistas of Mt. Vesuvius in the distance!

12. Catch the Sunset on the Lungomare

At dusk, the coastal Lungomare walkway that stretches along the Gulf of Naples becomes the perfect romantic strolling spot. Spend the evening hours over vino and antipasti at one of the waterfront cafes. Relax & rejuvenate as you soak in views of the Castel dell’Ovo castle island lit up at night. All you need is an Italy Visa from UK to get started on your Naples holiday!

Quick Day Trips from Naples for Your Italy Vacation

13. Cruise to Capri

Just a 30-minute hydrofoil ride across the Bay of Naples, the island of Capri seduces visitors with its:

  • Dramatic rocky coastlines
  • Celebrity spotting along the Piazzetta, and,
  • Sharp limoncello aperitifs

Explore Capri’s famous Blue Grotto or indulge in some shopping in Anacapri town. This is one of the popular things to do in Naples on your Italian trip!

14. Hike the Sentiero degli Dei

One of Italy’s most spectacular coastal trails, the Path of the Gods footpath hugs the Amalfi Coast cliffs above Positano. It also offers sweeping panoramas over:

  • Colourful seaside towns
  • Vineyards, and,
  • The azure Mediterranean

The 5-mile hike can easily be reached from Naples. Simply book an Italy visa appointment to kickstart your Italian holiday in Naples!

15. Tour Reggia di Caserta

Dubbed the Versailles of Naples, this jaw-droppingly opulent 18th-century palace and grounds housed the Bourbon Kings. Just 45 minutes from Naples, visitors can admire the:

  • Fountain-filled gardens
  • Hunt room, and,
  • The lavish royal apartments fit for royalty

Outdoor Adventures Near Naples for Nature Enthusiasts

16. Climb Mount Vesuvius

For an unforgettable adventure, go on a guided hike to the steaming summit of Mount Vesuvius. It is a semi-active volcano which buried Pompeii nearly 2,000 years ago. From the crater’s rim, you’ll be rewarded with panoramic views stretching across Naples and the Bay of Naples.

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17. Kayak Around the Island of Procida

Procida’s colourful marina and fishing villages make this island off the coast of Naples an idyllic place to explore by kayak. Join a guided tour to paddle through hidden coves, grottos, and along the island’s picturesque coastlines.

18. Go Hiking Near Naples

With its wild forests, coastal trails, and remnants of crumbling Roman cities, the areas just outside urban Naples offer excellent hiking opportunities. Some interesting routes include the:

  • Lattari Mountains trek featuring ancient aqueducts, and,
  • Crater trails surrounded by chestnut forests around Mount Vesuvius

Budget-Friendly Activities in Naples Italy

Budget-Friendly Activities in Naples

19. Visit the Spaccanapoli District

Naples’ oldest and liveliest neighbourhood is free to explore on foot, with ornate cloisters and churches nestled among lively street markets. Stop to shop for affordable leather goods or take a break at a no-frills osteria for classic street food like:

  • Pizza fritta
  • Arancini rice balls

20. Stroll the Lungomare Promenade

For a relaxing afternoon, join the local passeggiata (evening stroll) along Naples’ waterfront promenade, which stretches for miles along the charming port area. Grab a cone of lemon gelato and take in views of Mount Vesuvius in the distance – all for free!

21. People Watch in Piazza del Plebiscito

One of Italy’s grandest public squares, Piazza del Plebiscito makes for great people watching and photo opportunities backed by the imposing facade of the Basilica San Francesco di Paola. During festivities, the square hosts free live music and entertainment too!


With so many incredible things to do, Naples fully deserves its place as one of Italy’s most compelling and memorable destinations.

Let yourself get carried away by the vibrant chaos, passionate locals, and exquisite cuisine of this captivating city. To truly immerse yourself in the Neapolitan experience, come with an open heart, eager spirit, and considerable appetite. And don’t forget to apply for Italy Schengen Visa for a hassle-free visit to Naples!


What is the best time to visit Naples?

Spring and fall are ideal seasons to visit Naples, with mild temperatures ranging from 60-75°F. This allows for pleasant sightseeing and avoids the sweltering summer heat as well as peak tourist crowds.

How many days should I spend in Naples?

To appreciate the major highlights of Naples like the National Archaeological Museum, Palazzo Reale, Spaccanapoli neighborhood, plus day trips to Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast, plan for at least 3-5 days in the city.

What is a popular day trip from Naples for an Italian vacation?

A popular day trip from Naples is a cruise to Capri, a 30-minute hydrofoil ride across the Bay of Naples. In Capri, visitors can enjoy dramatic rocky coastlines, celebrity spotting along the Piazzetta, sharp limoncello aperitifs, exploring the Blue Grotto, and shopping in Anacapri town.

What are some of the hilltop neighborhoods in Naples that families can reach by cable car?

Families can take a scenic cable car ride to reach Naples’ hilltop neighbourhoods like Vomero and Morghen.

What is the best way to get around Naples?

Naples has a reliable metro, bus, and cable car (funicular) system making public transportation an affordable way to get around. However, the historic center is very walkable and often the best way to truly experience the chaos and charms of the city. For day trips, consider joining a tour or renting a car to explore surrounding areas.