Festa di Sant’Agata 2022

Festa di Sant’Agata 2022 – A Prominent Tradition of Italy

The ancient yet beautiful port city of Catania is readying itself to host one of the most popular festivals of the world – Festa di Sant’Agata 2022 from 3rd to 5th February.

This amazing festival draws thousands of locals and tourists each year. And with long parades, mesmerizing fireworks, singing and cheering going on, you will certainly feel bamboozled. Not to mention, the tasty gastronomical delights that will tingle your taste buds.

But, what is this festival all about? And should you an Italy Visa UK to take part in this huge festival? Read on to know all about the festival. And by the end of it, you might just be nudged to make a trip to Italy with your friends or family to celebrate the Saint Agata Festival 2022!

What is Festa di Sant’Agata 2022 all about?

As the name implies, this festival is dedicated to the patron saint of the city – Saint Agatha.

She came from a noble family in Catania and at the tender age of 15, she dedicated her life to Christianity. She also made a vow of virginity and rejected many proposals.

And when she rejected the Roman Prefect Quintianus several times, he persecuted her and had her martyred on 5th February, 251.

The first time Festa di Sant’Agata took place was on 17th August 1126 when two soldiers brought back the remains of Saint Agata which were stolen in 1040.

Festa di Sant’Agata 2022

Initially, the festival was a dull affair and was mostly celebrated inside the Cathedral of Catania. However, as time passed and with interesting events that ensued, the festival was accompanied by a popular feast and then processions too!

Highlights of Saint Agata Festival 2022 in Sicily

Don’t Miss the Noon Procession

On 3rd February, the long noon procession starts from the Church of Sant’Agata alla Fornance and it goes up to the Cathedral.

This is where the wax rite offerings take place. Witness beautiful senate carriages, an 18th-century sedan and 11 big candles representing some local guilds in the procession.

At the end of the day, you will also get to see some amazing fireworks in Piazza Duomo.

Take Part in the Dawn Holy Mass

On the 4th of February, after the Holy Mass in the Dawn, the local authorities bring out the bust of Saint Agata from the safe room. People are moved to tears as the early dawn procession begins with screams and religious songs.

Festa di Sant’Agata 2022

The Saint’s relics are brought in a silver carriage and the procession visits some key places like the place where Saint Agatha was martyred then the Sant’Agata al Carcere and a few other places. This procession also ends with a spectacular display of fireworks.

The Peak of the Festival is on the 3rd Day!

The 3rd day of the festival i.e., the 5th of February is when the festival actually gets interesting.

The cart after going through several places leaves the Piazza Duomo to tour the internal parts of the city. The procession will be slow but it will tour some popular places such as:

  • Etnea
  • Piazza Università
  • Piazza Stesicoro
  • Villa Bellini
  • Piazza Cavour

This is where the peak of the festival begins:

A Cord is pulled by thousands of locals and it symbolizes one thing:

If the cord pulling goes well then it will signify that the harvest will be bountiful.

After an intense three days of the festival, you will see happy faces all around as everyone enjoys a wonderful time!

Savor Traditional Culinary Delights

Don’t miss the delicious desserts, sweets and cakes during this festival. One popular delicacy is the piazza Stesicoro which is also known as Saint Agata’s Breasts.

Festa di Sant’Agata 2022

Apart from these, you also get to taste some amazing foods. So, don’t miss them!

Got all the information you need? Now, all you need to do is simply get a Visa for Italy and take part in the exciting Saint Agata festival in Sicily with your friends or family.